Species: Viper's-bugloss (Echium vulgare)

Family: Borages (BORAGINACEAE)

Category: Flowering Plants

Location: NW

A. Flowering Plants

More extensive information on flowering plants can be found in a separate blog post.


The plants in this family are noted for their being edged with coarse hairs. The flowers often start pink and turn blue, and are usually in one-sided stalked spikes, which at first are tightly coiled.

C. Viper's-bugloss (Echium vulgare)

This native plant is similar to the stereotype borage, and flowers from May. It is as common on the foreshores of West Sussex as in the countryside.



Viper's-bugloss flowers are attractive, tall flowers with distinctive blue and pink flower petals.


Viper's-bugloss stalks usually display their spikes on one side.


Viper's-bugloss is similar to borage but distinctive with its attractive blue and pink flowers.


Viper's-bugloss is a native plant found equally in the West Sussex countryside as on its foreshores.