Species: Upright Brome (Bromopsis erecta)

Family: Grasses (POACEAE (GRAMINEAE))

Category: Flowering Plants

Location: Widespread

A. Flowering Plants

More extensive information on flowering plants can be found in a separate blog post.


This ubiquitous, diverse family includes annual, biennial, and perennial species, terrestrial and aquatic species, and deciduous and evergreen species. One reason why grasses are such successful plants is that they grow from the base, whereas most other plants grow from the tip. This means they are more likely to survive when damaged, for example by mowing, grazing, or fire. 70% of all crops are grasses, producing grains for food.

C. Upright Brome (Bromopsis erecta)

Upright Brome is a tufted and erect grass - a perennial. It can grow to a meter in height. The plant, as with many Brome grasses, can be hairy. It is found in ungrazed grassland, where it is often seen in dense stands.

This grass has alternative names, including Erect Brome or Meadow Brome.

Although this is a reasonably common plant, it has not (knowingly) been seen in Heene Cemetery since the Site of Conservation Importance citation in 1992.