Species: Small White (Pieris (Artogeia) rapae)

Family: Whites and Yellows (PIERIDAE)

Category: Butterflies & Moths

Location: NW

A. Butterflies & Moths

B. Whites and Yellows (PIERIDAE)

These are mostly quite large butterflies, with bright white or yellow wings. They 'flap' as they fly.

C. Small White (Pieris (Artogeia) rapae)

Unlike the Large Whites, which are commonly seen in pairs, Small Whites are solitary. Eggs are laid on brassicas and wild crucifers, particularly Charlock and Garlic Mustard, the latter common in the cemetery. The caterpillars are green with a yellow dorsal stripe and yellow spots on the flank. Adults fly from April until early October.


Small White

This Small White seems large when viewed close up and it's true that telling a Small White from a Large White butterfly is not easy. On the Large White, the dark markings at the tip of the forewing extend further down the outer edges than they do on this Small White's wings.