Species: Pine Hawk Moth (Sphinx pinastri)

Family: Hawk Moths (SPHINGINAE)

Category: Butterflies & Moths

Location: Widespread

A. Butterflies & Moths

B. Hawk Moths (SPHINGINAE)

There are 9 resident hawk moths in the British Isles, and 9 others fly in as immigrants, but the early breeding stages are unable to survive a cold winter. This family includes our largest moths, which are called hawk moths because of their fast, agile flight.

C. Pine Hawk Moth (Sphinx pinastri)

The flight season for this moth, of one generation, is from May until early August. The principle larval food plant is our native Scots Pine, but it will feed on other conifers. It is gradually spreading northwards and westwards from its strongholds in central and eastern England.


Pine Hawk Moth

The flight season for the Pine Hawk Moth, of one generation, is from May until early August. Although we've not seen the moth itself in Heene Cemetery, one of the team took this photograph of a Pine Hawk Moth caterpillar there.