Species: Nitrous Bonnet (Mycena leptocephala)

Family: Gilled Mushrooms (MYCENACEAE)

Category: Fungi

Location: One Sighting

A. Fungi

More extensive information on fungi can be found in a separate blog post.

B. Gilled Mushrooms (MYCENACEAE)

These have small conical or bell-shaped caps on long, delicate stems. Some exude a juice when damaged, or a distinctive odour. The shape of the cap is said to resemble the helmets worn by the Mycenaean troops of ancient Greece.

C. Nitrous Bonnet (Mycena leptocephala)

The whitish flesh of this smoky grey mushroom smells strongly of ammonia. It is commonly found in short grass.


Nitrous Bonnet

The whitish flesh of this smoky grey mushroom, Nitrous Bonnet, smells strongly of ammonia.