Species: Meadow Buttercup (Ranunculus acris)

Family: Buttercups (RANUNCULACEAE)

Category: Flowering Plants

Location: Widespread

A. Flowering Plants

More extensive information on flowering plants can be found in a separate blog post.


Members of this poisonous family have bisexual flowers, and they include many common garden plants as well as wildflowers. The family name means 'little frog'!

C. Meadow Buttercup (Ranunculus acris)

This is one of our native buttercups. The yellow flowers, which appear from April, when eaten by cattle, were thought to give butter its yellow colour. It is said that someone likes butter if a flower held under the chin gives a yellow reflection. This belief was the basis of the famous Bird's Custard advertisement.

The Meadow Buttercup rises to a height of about 100cms.


Meadow Buttercup

The yellow flowers of the native Meadow Buttercup appear from April. The hairy triangular sepals that appear to support the flower's yellow petals face upwards in the Meadow Buttercup. In the Bulbous Buttercup, which we also have in the Cemetery, they face downwards.

Meadow Buttercup

The family name of the Meadow Buttercup, ranunculus, means 'little frog'!