Species: Leafhopper - unnamed 1 (Ribautiana tenerrima)

Family: Leafhoppers (CICADELLIDAE)

Category: Insects (Other)

Location: Widespread

A. Insects (Other)

More extensive information on insects can be found in a separate blog post.

B. Leafhoppers (CICADELLIDAE)

Leafhoppers are the second-largest family in the order of hemipteran insects, having perhaps 20,000 members distributed across the planet. They are plant-feeders that suck sap. Their hind legs give them the ability to jump long distances relative to their size, as can be appreciated in the accompanying single photograph.

C. Leafhopper - unnamed 1 (Ribautiana tenerrima)

Ribautiana tenerrima is a relatively distinctive and easy-to-identify member of the Leafhopper family. It has three clear dots on the wing margin, and the alternating yellow and white stripes. This individual was barely longer than 3mm.


Leafhopper - unnamed 1

This leafhopper is commonly found on brambles and other plants. Photographed in February 2022, this individual is an over-wintering adult leafhopper, barely longer than 3mm.