Species: Leaf beetle - unnamed 1 (Bruchidius varius)

Family: Flea or leaf beetles (CHRYSOMELIDAE)

Category: Insects (Other)

Location: One Sighting

A. Insects (Other)

More extensive information on insects can be found in a separate blog post.

B. Flea or leaf beetles (CHRYSOMELIDAE)

Flea beetles, also known as Leaf beetles, cover between 40,000 and 50,000 different species of small beetles which are grouped into numerous sub-families. No single characteristic defines this family of insects.

As with other beetles, the life-cycle includes larvae and adults, both of which feed on plant tissue. Many are pests of crops.

C. Leaf beetle - unnamed 1 (Bruchidius varius)

This small beetle (2.5 to 3 millimetres in length), as its name suggests, is found in and on flowers. It has a distinctive mottled pattern of gold and grey scales

It is found throughout the flowering season (April to September) with adults emerging after hibernation in April. New generations appear later in the season before they too leave to find cover for the winter. They lay eggs at the base of flowers mid-year and mature into adults rapidly.

This species is associated (though not exclusively) with Red Clover and can be distinguished from a similar leaf beetle, Bruchus rufipes, by its pronotum, which narrows rapidly towards its head, rather than remaining broader.


Leaf beetle - unnamed 1

Bruchidius varius is a small beetle (2.5 to 3 millimetres in length) which, as its name suggests, is found in and on flowers.

(Photo credit: Stuart MA Ball.)