Species: Housefly - unnamed 2 (Phaonia subventa)

Family: House flies (MUSCIDAE)

Category: Insects (Other)

Location: Widespread

A. Insects (Other)

More extensive information on insects can be found in a separate blog post.

B. House flies (MUSCIDAE)

Houseflies are commonly associated with people and can be found where they dwell, even in the Arctic. They are grey to black, have bristly thoraxes and red eyes.

Adult houseflies have short lives of no more than a month or so. They can hibernate through our winter months.

C. Housefly - unnamed 2 (Phaonia subventa)

This is a common orange-coloured housefly which is fairly abundant in Britain in late Spring. (This was photographed in April 2022.)

There's a slight bulge on the outer wing which is characteristic of this species, as are its two pairs of 'pre-sutural acrostichal bristles', the arrangement of tiny hairs in the middle of the thorax.

These flies reproduce several times a year. Larvae overwinter.


Phaonia subventa

This common orange-coloured housefly reproduces several times a year. Larvae overwinter.