Species: Flat-footed Fly - unnamed 1 (Polyporivora Ornata)

Family: Flat-footed flies (PLATYPEZIDAE)

Category: Insects (Other)

Location: Widespread

A. Insects (Other)

More extensive information on insects can be found in a separate blog post.

B. Flat-footed flies (PLATYPEZIDAE)

Flat-footed flies number about 250 different species worldwide, and can be tiny to just over half a centimetre in length. Their wings tend to extend some way beyond the tip of their abdomen. They tend to be all black with grey or yellow markings.

C. Flat-footed Fly - unnamed 1 (Polyporivora Ornata)

We have been advised that this fly is likely to be a member of the Polyporivora genus of flat-footed flies. As the two flies in this genus are similar but can be differentiated by the colour of the scutellum (the shield that lies between their thorax and abdomen), we believe this individual to be P. ornata with a grey scutellum, because P. picta has a black scutellum.


Flat-footed Fly - unnamed 1

The wings of flat-footed flies tend to extend some way beyond the tip of their abdomen.

Note the grey scutellum (shield) between the fly's thorax and abdomen, suggesting that this is Polyporivora ornata rather than Polyporivora picta.