Species: Dance fly - unnamed 1 (Tachypeza nubila)

Family: Dance flies (HYBOTIDAE)

Category: Insects (Other)

Location: NW

A. Insects (Other)

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B. Dance flies (HYBOTIDAE)

Dance flies are a small family of flies - three distinct species recorded in England - that are predators that prefer to use their legs more than their wings. They are about 3 millimetres in length.

C. Dance fly - unnamed 1 (Tachypeza nubila)

This is a small, dark brown fly, whose front legs have thighs that look swollen. Their heads are unusually spherical, appearing to consist of not much more than two large compound eyes.


Tachypeza nubila

This species of small fly is one of three in the family of 'Dance flies', the Hybotidae.

(Photo credit: Stuart MA Ball.)