Species: Common Candy-stripe Spider (Enoplognatha ovata)

Family: Cobweb Spiders (THERIDIIDAE)

Category: Arachnids

Location: Widespread

A. Arachnids

More extensive information on arachnids can be found in a separate blog post.

B. Cobweb Spiders (THERIDIIDAE)

Members of this family are found in or near human dwellings all over the world. They spin sticky capture silk and not woolly silk. Their webs are typically tangled affairs, hence their alternative name of Tangle-web Spiders.

C. Common Candy-stripe Spider (Enoplognatha ovata)

Members of the genus Enoplognatha are known as comb-footed spiders. The body markings take various forms, so this is a variable species, and the legs are translucent.