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Name: William Edden

Burial Number: 0958

Gender: Male

Occupation: Retired Lieutenant Royal Leinster Regiment

Born: 23/02/1849

Died: 17/07/1919

Buried: 23/07/1919

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William was born in Cork, Ireland, the son of John William and Anne. His father was a barrister. In 1869, William purchased the rank of “ensign” in the 100th Regiment of Foot which later became the Royal Leinster Regiment. He was posted to Burnley in Lancashire in 1871 and in 1873, was promoted to Lieutenant. On 26th June that year, William married Ada Susan Laura Hayes at St Thomas’s Church, Bedhampton in Hampshire. In 1874, he resigned his commission and retired from the army. William’s father John died in Cork on 20th May 1876. By then, the couple were living in Portsea with two daughters, Ada and Annie. Kathleen was born in 1877, followed by Harold in 1878, Ellen in 1879, John Courtenay in 1881 and Arthur Clarence in 1882. Another son, Henry was born in 1886. William’s mother Anne died on 13th January 1892 and William inherited much of the estate. He spent his time hunting with the Hambledon Hounds and sailing as a member of the Royal Albert Yacht Club. On 30th June 1903, Ada petitioned for a formal separation on the grounds of William’s adultery with Ethel Julia Fricker a young lady from Portsmouth. Ethel had already given birth to a son, Leslie Edden Fricker in 1902. The baby died the following year. William denied the claim and the case was dismissed in 1904. He and Ada separated and she moved to Paddington with her four daughters. At the time of the court case, William and Ada were living at “The Mount” in Petersfield. Also in 1904, William and Ada’s son John Courtenay Edden was drowned at sea off New Zealand. He was on a whaler on surveying duties when the ship capsized. By 1911, William and Ethel were living at “Shelley Lodge” in Shelley Road, Worthing with their two children, John Kaye and Olive. Ethel is listed as a visitor and “single” on the census. She was using the surname Edden but there seems to be no trace of a marriage. William’s son Henry was killed at Gallipoli in 1915 aged 29 and the following year, his son Arthur died of dysentery in the Persian Gulf. William died on 17th July 1919. Probate was granted to Harold William Edden son and Ada Beatrice Edden. Effects £102152 2s 2d. William’s estranged wife died in 1941. The origins of the monolith on the Edden grave remain a mystery.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for William Edden

Location in Cemetery

Area: NES Row: 5 Plot: 20

Exact Location (what3words): tower.verbs.nobody

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



EndowedGrave: Complete maintenance


With deepest love to the dear memory of William Kay Edden late Royal Leinster Regiment born February 23rd 1849 died July 17th 1919 and of Ethel Julia Edden born August 17th 1875 died January 27th 1949 "The Lord is just and merciful. He hath turned the shadow of death into morning"

Further Information


Name: William Kaye Edden

Gender: Male

Born: 23/02/1849

Town: Cork

County: County Cork

Country: Ireland


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 26/6/1873

Spouse First Name: Ada

Spouse Second Name: Susan

Spouse Last Name: Hayes

Town of Marriage: Bedhampton

County of Marriage: Hampshire

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 17/07/1919

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: "Shelley Lodge"

Address line 2: Shelley Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Worthing Gazette 30th July 1919


The death took place on Thursday, at Shelley Lodge, Worthing. of Mr. William Kaye Edden. Mr Edden. who was in his seventy-first year, was an old member of the Royal Albert Yacht Club, and was well-known in sporting circles. He was a follower of the Hambledon Hounds for many years.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £102152 2 s 2 d

Current value of effects: £2968302.00

Census Information


Burnley Barracks, Lancashire

William aged 22, officer, ensign 100th Regiment.


5 Clanfield, Lennox Road, Portsea, Hants

William K aged 32, retired lieutenant HM Army. Ada aged 29. Ada S aged 6. Annie V aged 5. Kathleen aged 3. Harold aged 2. Ellen aged 1. Plus a nurse and 3 servants.


17 Auckland Road East, Portsea.

William K aged 42, own means. Ada aged 39. Ada B aged 16. Annie V aged 15. Kathleen aged 13. Ellen aged 11. Harold aged 12. Henry aged 4. Plus 4 servants.


“Lynwood” 4 Waverley Road, Portsmouth.

William aged 52, own means. Ada aged 49. Beatrice (Ada) aged 26. Ellen aged 21. Kathleen aged 23. Violet (Annie) aged 25. Stewart (Henry) aged 14. Plus 4 servants.


“Shelley Lodge” Shelley Road, Worthing.

William aged 62, private means. Ethel Julia Edden aged 37, visitor, single. Olive aged 6. John Kaye aged 2. Plus a nurse and 2 servants.

Miscellaneous Information

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