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Name: Sarah Oriel

Burial Number: 1451

Gender: Female

Occupation: Head School Teacher; Head Nurse;

Born: 14/8/1842

Died: 16/08/1930

Buried: 20/08/1930


Daughter of Charles George Carpenter Oriel and Henrietta Mary Oriel née Tarral

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NWS Row: 5 Plot: 1

Exact Location (what3words): bake.apply.retail

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of Henrietta Vincenza second daughter of the late Charles George Carpenter Oriel who fell asleep in Jesus December 26th 1916 "Called unto His eternal glory" 1 Peter v.10 Also in loving memory of Georgiana Peyron Oriel died March 13th 1923 "Because I live, ye shall live also" John XlV 19 Also in loving memory of Sarah Oriel died August 16th 1930 "His truth shall be Thy shield and buckler" Ps. XCl 4

Further Information


Name: Sarah Oriel

Gender: Female

Born: 14/8/1842

Town: Unknown

County: London

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 16/08/1930

Cause of death: Unknown

Town: Unknown

County: Unknown

Country: Unknown


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at Alfred Place, Finsbury, London – Charles Geo Carpenter Oriel aged 50, head, solicitor; Henrietta Mary Oriel aged 44, wife; Henrietta Vincenza Oriel aged 11, daughter, scholar at home; Sarah Oriel aged 8, daughter, scholar at home; Georgina Peyron Oriel aged 5, daughter, scholar at home; Emma Aylet aged 46, cook; Harriet Hammers aged 21, cook;


Living at Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead – Margaret Bowen aged 64, head, governess; Georgina M Innes aged 44, daughter, ladies school governess; Maria Collett aged 65, boarder; Margaret Whitehouse aged 24, visitor; F L Niemann aged 16, visitor; E G Raddon aged 44, ? , English Department; Jane Stoddard aged 24, ? , English Department; Sarah Johnson aged 20, ? ,English and Music; Eugenie M Binette aged 20, the French Language; Sarah Oriel aged 18, pupil, scholar; Georgina P Oriel aged 16, pupil, scholar; Alice Cox aged 15, pupil, scholar; Emmeline Cox aged 13, pupil, scholar; Annie Cox aged 10, pupil, scholar; Matilda Austin aged 14, pupil, scholar; Maria Sibley aged 15, pupil, scholar; Emma Sibley aged 13, pupil,scholar; Emma Bumpus aged 13, pupil, scholar; Euphemia Bumpus aged 10, pupil, scholar; Sarah Buckmaster aged 13, pupil, scholar; Martha Buckmaster aged 8, pupil, scholar; Elizabeth Leach aged 11,pupil,scholar; Sarah Leach aged 11, pupil, scholar; Fanny Seymour aged 13, pupil, scholar; Eliza Seymour aged 10, pupil, scholar; Caroline warner aged 12, pupil, scholar; Agnes Niemann aged 14, pupil, scholar; Mary Coldicott aged 11, pupil, scholar; Eliza hedges aged 12, pupil, scholar; Ada Farr aged 16, pupil, scholar; Elizabeth Burchmore aged 14, pupil, scholar; Mary Warr aged 14, pupil, scholar; Louisa Orchard aged 15, pupil, scholar; Sarah Finch aged 14, pupil, scholar; Mary Sweby aged 49, cook domestic servant; Zoar Dell aged 22, housemaid; Harriet Deacon aged 21, housemaid; Charles Crockett aged 16, general domestic servant;


Living at 6, Alfred Place, St Giles, Middlesex, London – Charles G C Oriel aged 70, head; Sophia Oriel aged 50, wife; Emily A Oriel aged 33, daughter; Sarah Oriel aged 28, daughter; Georgina P Oriel aged 25, daughter; Elizaberth Barnes aged 28, cook domestic; Sarah Battes aged 27, housemaid domestic;


Living at Ramenham House, Worthing, Sussex – Sarah Oriel aged 38, head, school mistress; Georgina P Oriel aged 35, sister, school mistress; Frederick R A Hoare aged 17, tutor; Whitfield Taylor aged 12, scholar, pupil; Sidney Taylor aged 9, scholar, pupil; Robert Haroer aged 9, scholar, pupil; William C Hill aged 8, pupil, scholar; Herbert Taylor aged 8, scholar, pupil; Murdoch M Hodson aged 8, scholar, pupil; Douglas C Frichine aged 8, scholar, pupil; Harriet A Painter aged 23, cook, domestic servant; Alice L Lambeth aged 25, housemaid, domestic servant;


Living at 2, Heene Villas, Heene Road, Worthing – Henrietta V Oriel aged 51, head, living on own means; Sarah Oriel aged 48, sister; Georgina P Oriel aged 45, sister; Amelia E Cook aged 22, general servant, domestic; Ann Wiley aged 50, living on own means; Sarah Wiley aged 49, living on own means; Frances E Favell aged 42, widow, living on own means; Margaret A Favell aged 14, scholar; Frances E O Favell aged 12, scholar; Ethel Purzey aged 11, visitor; Elzabeth H S Kinch aged 20, cook, domestic servant; Minnie Couch aged 20 housemaid domestic servant;


Living at 2, Heene Villas, Heene Road, Worthing – Sarah Oriel aged 58, head, living on own means; Georgina P Oriel aged 55, sister, living on own means; Fanny Saunders aged 57, nurse, domestic; Elizabeth Marshall aged 22, cook; Blanche West aged 20, housemaid; Christina Richardson aged 87, boarder, living on own means;


living at 2, Heene Villas, Heene Road, Worthing – Sarah Oriel aged 68, head, nurse;

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.