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Name: Robert Inman

Burial Number: 1298

Gender: Male

Occupation: Medical General Practioner;

Born: 28/10/1851

Died: 3/6/1927

Buried: 09/06/1927


Born in 1951 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Robert was the son of James Williams Inman and Mary Turner. Father James was from Portsea, was educated at Cambridge and ordained in Peterborough in 1835. Mother Mary was born in Grantham, and married James there in 1839. James and Mary had 10 children, Robert being their 8th. Mary died in 1856.

In 1861 Robert, and 5 of his brothers, were living as Boarders in Spittlegate, in the household of Thomas Hawe, a Groom. Father James remarried in that year.

In 1871, in Chudleigh, Devon, Robert is back with his family, living in Grammar School House – James was Master at the School and also a Curate of Chudleigh. Robert was also a Master of the Grammar School. It was a large household. Robert’s brothers Arthur and Alfred were there – Arthur also a Master, Alfred a Scholar. James’s second wife, Margaret Jane, from Hampshire, and their 5 children were there, a Cousin, a Boarder and 2 Servants.

In 1876 Robert became a Licenciate of the Society of Apothecaries. and in 1877 a Member of the .Royal College of Surgeons. He was also a Fellow of the Obstetrical Society of London.

In 1881 Robert was living in Hackney, a Medical General Practitioner, and Head of Household, with single man Charles Jones, a Medical Student, and a Housekeeper and 12 year-old  Errand Boy.

On February 24th 1885 he married Alice Rebecca Leming, by Licence, in Shoreditch. Both of them were residents of Shoreditch at the time, living at 243 Hackney Road.

In 1891, at Gads Hill Villa in Higham, Kent, were Robert, a General Practitioner, with Alice, four daughters and a son, aged between 5 and 1. The 2 oldest girls were 5-year-old twins. Robert’s father James, now widowed, was with them, and one General Servant. Father James died in 1895.

10 years later the family was still there, now with 8 children and a Nursery Maid.

Robert Inman was described as a Medical Officer – Public Vaccinations –  in Higham, in Kelly’s 1903 Directory of Kent.

In 1911, still in Higham, were Robert and Alice, with 25-year-old daughter Beatrice, and Medical Student son, Robert James.

Robert was still in Gads Hill Cottage in 1918, according to the 1918 Kelly’s Directory, and in 1923 he was still there.

On the 1924 Register of Electors Robert and Alice were living at 211 Brighton Road, with George and Elizabeth Bateman, presumably as Lodgers?

When Robert died, in June 1927, his address was given as Coseley, 3 Longfellow Road – which was their residence from 1925.

Researcher: Liz Lane

The Grave

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Area: NWS Row: 8 Plot: 6

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In loving memory of R.E. Inman M.R.C.S. Eng. formerly of Higham, Nr. Rochester 1851-1927 R.I.P.

Further Information


Name: Robert Edward Inman

Gender: Male

Born: 28/10/1851

Town: Grantham

County: Lincolnshire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 24/2/1885

Spouse First Name: Alice

Spouse Second Name: Rebecca

Spouse Last Name: Leming

Town of Marriage: Shoreditch

County of Marriage: London

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 3/6/1927

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Coseley

Address line 2: 3

Address line 3: Longfellow Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: £4901 3 s 6 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at Grantley Street, Grantham – Thomas Hawe, 44yrs, Groom; Catherine Hawe, 43yrs; Henry Inman, 13yrs, Boarder; Newton Inman, 11yrs, Boarder; Thomas Inman, 10yrs, Boarder; Edward Inman, 9yrs, Boarder; Arthur Inman, 7yrs, Boarder; Alfred Inman, 6yrs, Boarder;


Living at Grammar School House, Chudleigh – James William Inman, 61yrs, Curate of Chudleigh; Margaret Jane Inman, 37yrs; Robert Edward Inman, 19yrs, ?? Master Grammar School; Arthur Inman, 17yrs, ?? Master Grammar School; Alfred Inman, 16yrs, Scholar; Francis Margaret Inman, 7yrs; Richard D Inman, 6yrs; John George Inman, 4yrs; Catherine Inman, 2yrs; Mabel Inman, 2mths; Margaret Mottley, 21yrs, StepDaughter; Eliza Mary VanKaughnet, 41yrs, Cousin; Charles Savile, 17yrs, Boarder; Mary Hile, 18yrs, Domestic Servant; Amelia Edwards, 19yrs, Domestic Servant;


Living at 243 Hackney Road, Shoreditch – Robert E Inman, 29yrs, Medical General Practioner; Charlie C Jones, 27yrs, Student of Medicine; Mary Peters, 32yrs, Housekeeper & Domestic Servant; William J Niall, 12yrs, Errand Boy;


Living at Gad’s Hill Villa, Higham, Kent – Robert E Inman, 39yrs, Medical General Practioner; Alice R, 33yrs; Alice M, 5yrs; Beatrice I, 5yrs; Constance M, 4yrs; Edith M, 3 yrs; Robert J, 1yrs; James W Inman, 81yrs, Clerk in Holy Orders; Edith E West, 23yrs, General Servant & Domestic Servant;


Living at Gad’s Hill Villa, Higham, Kent – Robert Inman, 49yrs, Medical Practitioner Surgeon; Alice Inman, 15yrs; Beatrice Inman, 15yrs; Constance Inman, 14yrs; Edith Inman, 13yrs; Robert Inman, 11yrs; Thomas Inman, 9yrs; Irene Inman, 8yrs; Edward Inman, 7yrs; Hazel Collins, 17yrs, Visitor; Alma Fielder, 14yrs, Nurse Maid;


Living at Gad’s Hill Cottage, Higham, Kent – Robert Edward Inman, 59yrs, Medical Professor General Practioner; Alice Rebecca Inman, 53yrs; Beatrice Isabel Inman, 25yrs; Robert James Inman, 21yrs, Medical Student;

Miscellaneous Information

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