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Name: Ralph Teesdale

Burial Number: 1184

Gender: Male

Occupation: Cab driver and Groom; Livery Groom; cabman; milk carrier

Born: 00/00/1869

Died: 16/12/1924

Buried: 20/12/1924

Elizabeth Peters

Ralph Teesdale

Family No: 0013

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Ralph was born in Worthing, the son of Ralph and Elizabeth (Betsy). He was baptised at Broadwater Church on 24th October 1869. His family were fly drivers and lived in Portland Road before moving to larger premises in Heene Mews. On 4th April 1891, Ralph married Maud Eveline Bex at Broadwater Church. Maud was the daughter of Edward Bex, a local photographer. They moved in next door to Ralph’s parents in Heene Mews where Ralph carried on the same business as his father. Georgina was born in August 1891 but died in October. Ethel was born in 1895 but died in December. Both were buried at Heene. Two other children, Christopher and Hilda survived to adulthood. By 1918, Ralph and Maud were living in Milton Road. Maud died here on 22nd April. Ralph moved to Elm Grove and worked as a milk carrier, loading and unloading milk churns for delivery. On 11th October 1924, Ralph married Lilian Annie Colbourne, a widow, at Heene Church. Two months later, he was involved in an incident at work and died in Worthing Hospital on 16th December (see inquest details below). No probate.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 2 Plot: 2

Exact Location (what3words): cried.assist.basin

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves


None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves

Further Information


Name: Ralph Edgar Teesdale

Gender: Male

Born: 00/00/1869

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 4/4/1891

Spouse First Name: Maud

Spouse Second Name: Eveline

Spouse Last Name: Bex

Town of Marriage: Broadwater

County of Marriage: Sussex

Country of Marriage: England

Marriage Date: 11/10/1924

Spouse First Name: Lilian

Spouse Second Name: Annie

Spouse Last Name: Colbourne

Town of Marriage: Heene

County of Marriage: Sussex

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 16/12/1924

Cause of death: Pneumonia; Tetanus;

Address line 2: Elmwood Terrace

Address line 3: Elm Grove

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


2 Portland Road, Worthing.

Ralph aged 30, fly driver. Elizabeth aged 30. Ralph aged 1.


5 Heene Mews, Worthing
Ralph aged 40, fly proprietor. Elizabeth aged 41. Ralph aged 11.George T aged 9. Harry R aged 6. Alice aged 5. Frederick aged 3. Kate aged 8 months.


3 Heene Cottages, Worthing.

Ralph aged 21, cab driver and groom. Maud aged 19. Both lodging with John Mash, coachman and groom.


7 Heene Mews, Worthing.
Ralph aged 31, cab driver, livery groom. Maud aged 29. Hilda aged 8. Christopher aged 6 months.


7 Heene Mews, Worthing.
Ralph aged 43, cabman. Maud aged 38. Hilda aged 18, dressmaker. Christopher aged 10.


1 Milton Road, Worthing, Sussex

First name(s) Last name Relationship to head Sex Birth year Age Birth place Occupation Employer
Ralph Teesdale
M 1868 52 Worthing, Sussex Motor Carrier J O Motor Carrier
Christopher Teesdale
M 1900 20 Worthing, Sussex Motor Driver Learle Motior Aget, Taxi & Co
Ernest Walmsley
M 1895 26 Blackburn, Lancashire General Hanger Window Clean & Co Own Account
Hilda Walmsley
F 1893 28 Worthing, Sussex Home Duties

Miscellaneous Information

Worthing Gazette 1924

Death from Lockjaw – Punctured Wound in Big Toe – How it was Caused

A man of 53 years, Ralph Teesdale, of 4, Elmwood Terrace, West Worthing, died in the Hospital last Tuesday from pneumonia following tetanus.

His death was the subject of an inquiry by the West Sussex Coroner (Mr F.W. Butler), held at the Hospial on Thursday afternoon, when a son of deceased, Christopher Ralph Teesdale, 42, Tarring Road, described his father as a milk carrier.

Mrs Lilian Annie Teesdale, the widow, stated that on her husband returning home about half-past 10 or 11 o’clock on the morning of Friday, November 28th, he said he had dropped a churn on to his toe. He added that it had happened so many times before that he did not take any particular notice of it, but he bathed the toe, and she noticed it was pierced underneath. It was a clean wound. He bandaged it, and returned to his work. He was accustomed to return home at that time in the morning. He continued to go to work until Tuesday morning, December 9th, when his toe gave him trouble and she poulticed it, thinking there was something in it. The following day she sent for a doctor, as he was in pain in the stomach. He was taken to the Hospital on the 10th, and died there on Tuesday morning.

Tetanus – Dr. Duncan Davidson Mackintosh said he was called to deceased on the Wednesday morning, when he complained mostly of pains in the abdomen, which was evidently due to rigidity of the abdominal muscles. He also complained of pains in his back and neck, also due to rigidity of muscles. He was also sweating tremendously, which was a symptom. On examination he found a small punctured wound on the underside of the ball of the left big toe, and this was discharging a little moisture. Inflammation extended over the top of the foot. He was suffering from tetanus, and witness advised his removal to the Hospital. He considered the tetanus the direct result of the wound in the toe, and death was due to this.

Dr. Dorothea Sandison, the House Surgeon at the Hospital, said deceased was suffering from lockjaw when admitted to the institution, and later he developed pneumonia. She agreed with Dr. Mackintosh as to the nature of the wound.

Mr M. Fortesque Daines, haulage contractor, of 32, Gratwick Road, told the coroner that the deceased had been employed by him for about three years, as a helper to the driver of a milk lorry. It was part of his duty to load and unload churns of milk. Deceased had never said anything to him about having hurt his toe or his foot with a churn. It was not until the morning that deceased entered Hospital that he heard it suggested that he had hurt himself with a churn, and it was Dr. Mackintosh who then spoke to him of this.

Had Mended His Boots – William Felix Baker 72, Rowlands Road, the driver of the milk lorry, explained that he and the deceased collected milk from the farms to deliver to dairies in Worthing. One morning about a fortnight or three weeks ago deceased arrived late, and when asked what was the matter, he replied that he had had to stop and take off his boot because of a nail hurting his foot. Deceased then added that he had repaired his boots the previous day. He said nothing about dropping a churn on his foot, and witness never noticed him walking lame. The first suggestion that he heard about dropping a churn was on the Wednesday when deceased was taken to the Hospital.

The Coroner recorded that death was due to pneumonia following tetanus, the result of a punctured wound under the ball of the big toe of the left foot.