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Name: Peter Paskins

Burial Number: 0061

Gender: Male

Occupation: Labourer

Born: 00/00/1794

Died: 08/05/1881

Buried: 13/05/1881



Peter Paskins was born in Broadwater, Worthing, Sussex, and baptised there on 28th August 1796.  He was the son of James Paskins, 26yrs, Gardener, and Elizabeth, 29yrs, nee Grimsted, and was 1 of 7 children, Job b.1794, Patient b.&d.1799, Caroline b.1800, Abraham b.1801, Eleanor b.1805, and Isaac b.1808. The family lived in extreme poverty, (his father later died in East Preston workhouse) and Peter was unable to read or write. Peter worked as a labourer, and in April 1820 was tried and acquitted at Lewes Crown Court for Larceny.

On 8th May 1820 Peter married Elizabeth Jones at Broadwater Parish Church, they were both 24yrs of age and both marked an X on the marriage certificate. They had 6 children, Sarah b.1821, Eleanor b.1822, Peter b.1824 died 1825, Charles b.1826, Jacob b.1827, and Matilda b.1830.

Peter, like his own father, was unable to support his family; in January 1836, his 15yr old daughter, Sarah, went into domestic service in Brighton, and Peter applied to the Poor Law authority to buy her suitable clothing. Just 2 years later, she returned home, too ill to work, and again Peter had to apply for welfare to support her.

In 1849, his daughter, Matilda, 19yrs, had a son, also named Peter Paskins, and this grandson appeared to have lived with Peter and his wife. Peter was still working as a labourer in 1861, aged 66yrs, but by 1871, he had retired and was receiving parish relief for himself and Elizabeth; they lived in Cooks Row, a notorious slum area in central Worthing.  Elizabeth died in 1874, aged 78yrs, and Peter died on 8th May 1881, aged 85yrs. The very next day, 9th May, his brother, Job, died, aged 88yrs. Peter’s daughter, Eleanor, died the following year in Brighton workhouse, aged 60yrs.

Researcher: Maggi Martin

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Further Information


Name: Peter Paskins

Gender: Male

Born: 00/00/1794

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 08/05/1820

Spouse First Name: Elizabeth

Spouse Last Name: Grimsted

Town of Marriage: Worthing

County of Marriage: Sussex

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 08/05/1881

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 2: 11

Address line 3: Cooks Row

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at 19, Martlet Street, Worthing, Sussex. Peter Paskins, Hd. 57yrs, Labourer, wife, Elizabeth, 57yrs, daughter, Matilda, 19yrs, Dressmaker, grandson, Peter Paskins, 2yrs.


Living at 6, Cooks Row, Worthing, Sussex. Peter Paskins, Hd. 66yrs, Labourer, wife, Elizabeth, 63yrs, grandson, Peter Paskins, 11yrs.


Living at 11, Cooks Row, Worthing, Sussex. Peter Paskins, Hd. 75yrs, Receiving Parish Relief, wife, Elizabeth, 63yrs.

Miscellaneous Information

Paupers, in Victorian times, were defined by their being in receipt of relief while the wider poor lived in varying degrees of poverty. Thus, a poor person would be legally defined as a pauper only when they were in receipt of relief. Low wages and recourse to charity, (whether institutional or from neighbours), did not define pauperism.