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Name: Percy Farrington

Burial Number: 1123

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ship Broker's Clerk; Ship Broker

Distinction: Speed Merchant

Born: 00/10/1871

Died: 23/05/1923

Buried: 26/05/1923


Percy Hall Farrington was born in Camberwell, in October 1871, he was baptised at St. John the Evangelist, Dulwich, on 25th June 1879, at 8yrs of age, along with his brother, Robert Morgan Joseph Farrington, born 1873. His father, Joseph, 27yrs, was a Shipbroker, and his mother, Mary Ann, 21yrs, nee Scott. He had 2 more brothers, Arthur Harold b.1874 and Stanley Vernon b.1876. As soon as they had left school Percy, Robert and Arthur were clerks in the shipbroking business; Percy becoming a shipbroker around the age of thirty.

When Percy was 19yrs old, his family lived at 78, Daleview Road, Tottenham, and his future wife lived at 66, Daleview Road, she was Rosina Mary Pratt, they married on 11th September 1897 at St. Johns Church, Stamford Hill, Percy was 26yrs, and Rosina was 23yrs.

By 1901 Rosina and Percy were living in Ilford, Essex, where they remained for over ten years, they had no children. Percy was an early motorist, driving himself, Rosina, and friends around Chelmsford, London and the south coast, finding himself in court on several occasions charged with speeding. In November 1911 he was involved in an accident when he collided with a four-wheel cab in Chelmsford, he was unhurt, but others were injured. (See below).

At some point, after 1911, they moved to Worthing, Sussex, living at Aubreydene, Heene Road, where Percy died on 23rd May 1923, aged 51yrs. The death certificate gives the cause of death as     1) Chronic Anterior Poliomyelitis – 4 years, 2) Asphyxia due to paralysis of respiratory muscles.

Probate was granted to Alfred Hall, Registrar, Arthur Percival Rowntree, Shipbroker, and Arthur Harold Farrington, Gentleman. Effects £12225 10s 9d. Value 2021 – £758K.

Researcher: Maggi Martin

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: SWS Row: 9 Plot: 7

Exact Location (what3words): wiser.marked.frogs

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of my dear husband Percy Hall Farrington fell asleep 23rd May 1923 aged 51

Further Information


Name: Percy Hall Farrington

Gender: Male

Born: 00/10/1871

Town: Camberwell

County: London

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 11/9/1897

Spouse First Name: Rosiana

Spouse Second Name: Mary

Spouse Last Name: Pratt

Town of Marriage: Stamford

County of Marriage: London

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 23/05/1923

Cause of death: 1) Chronic Anterior Poliomyelitis - 4 years, 2) Asphyxia due to paralysis of respiratory muscles.

Address line 1: Aubreydene

Address line 3: Heene Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: £12225 10 s 9 d

Current value of effects: £758000

Census Information


Christ’s Hospital Hereford School. Percy Hall Farrington, 9yrs.


Living at 78, Daleview Road, Tottenham. Joseph Farrington, 46yrs, Shipbroker, wife, Mary A. 40yrs, 4 sons, Percy Hall, 19yrs, Robert Morgan, 17yrs, Arthur Harold, 16yrs, all shipbroker’s clerks, and Stanley Vernon, 14yrs.


Living at 15, Mayfair Avenue, The Drive, Ilford, Essex. Percy Hall Farrington, 29yrs, Shipbroker’s clerk, wife, Rosina, 26yrs.


Living at 15, Mayfair Avenue, The Drive, Ilford, Essex. Percy Hall Farrington, 40yrs, Shipbroker, wife, Rosina, 35yrs, plus 1 domestic servant.


Living at Valetta, Sylvan Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex. Percy Hall Farrington, Hd. 49yrs, Shipbroker, wife, Rosina Mary, 47yrs, Home Duties, nephew, Cyril Alfred Hall, 24yrs, 2nd Officer, Mechant Mariner, plus 1 domestic servant.

Miscellaneous Information

Evening Star –  Suffolk -29th August 1908

At Chelmsford on Friday, Percy Hall Farrington, of 10, Mayfair Avenue, Ilford, was summoned (for driving a motorcar at Chelmsford and Widford, Sunday, August 16th, at speed exceeding 20 miles per hour. Defendant, shipowner’s clerk, said the car was 14-h.p. and was travelling from London through Chelmsford, and there were four persons in the car. Going towards Chelmsford there was considerable incline in this measured mile, and it was impossible for his car to travel more than 15miles at the most at this particular portion.—Cross-examined, witness said that at the most his average for this measured mile was 18 miles hour.—Evidence was also given by Mrs. Farrington and another occupant of the car,  to the effect that it was not travelling at any great pace.—The defendant was fined £3 and 15s. costs. (£3 in 1908 = £370 in 2021)

Chelmsford Chronicle -11th November 1910

‘A serious collision occurred at Chelmsford between a motor car owned and driven by Mr. Percy Hall Farrington, of Ilford, and a four-wheel cab driven by Mr. William Holbrook, of Railway-street. Mrs. H. D. Sheldrake, of Fairfield, Springfield, who was in the cab, sustained a cut on the nose and over the eye from broken glass, and Holbrook was thrown from his seat and was cut badly on the head.’

Chichester Observer – 10th May 1911

Speeding charge against Percy H. Farrington in Bognor Regis, dismissed on technicality