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Name: MacDonald Hall

Burial Number: 1291

Gender: Male

Occupation: Military

Born: 17/11/1837

Died: 30/04/1927

Buried: 04/05/1927


MacDonald hall was born on the 17th November 1837 in Alverstoke Hampshire to George Blair and Laura Hall.  George was an officer in the old 19th Lancers and a Justice of the Peace.

MacDonald, at the age of 18 was commissioned to the 1st Royal Dragoons to be Cornet (lowest grade of commissioned officers in a British cavalry troop, now known as second lieutenant).  He became Lieutenant on June 24th 1856 by purchase (popular in the 19th century but abolished in 1871). He subsequently transferred to the old 62nd, now the Wiltshire regiment, and was one of the first regular army officers to be appointed an Adjutant in the old volunteers (an Adjutant is a military officer who acts as an administrative assistant to a senior officer). The 62nd was policing the British Empire serving in Canada in 1857 and remained until 1864 when they came home, he became captain by purchase in 1867.  He then became Captain and Adjutant of the 5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers based at Liverpool, living at 81 Berkley Street Toxteith Park Liverpool.   From there he was transferred to Brighton, where he remained as an Honorary major and adjutant to the old 1st Rifle Volunteer battalion, Royal Sussex regiment.  He retired from the army on 26th November 1879 and was placed on retired allowance and was also permitted to retain his rank. He also was allowed to continue to wear the uniform of the corps.

MacDonald married Emma Susan Twining in 1859 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (source, Familysearch) Emma was born in 1839 in Sierra Leone to William & Caroline Twinning

They had 5 children-

Laurina (Laura) Hall born 1862, New Brunswick, Canada. Married William Nathaniel Arnold Daniel in 1888 in Brighton. They had 3 children

Herculina Maud Millicent Hall born 1863, Quebec, Canada. Married Graham Hay Reynolds, and had 1 child

MacDonald George Alexander Hall born 1866, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon Married Grace Maude Lloyd in 1897. Children unknown

Winniat Wentworth Durham Hall born 1868, Liverpool, Lancashire. Married Mary Newsome. They had 3 children

Pendrill Blair Hall born 1871, Liverpool, Lancashire. Married Nelly Tizard in 1921. Children unknown

MacDonald was also an actuary for 25 years to the Brighton savings bank. He was living at 30 New Road Brighton at the time.

During his residence at Worthing which dated back to 1903, he did much useful work for the local nursing association, being the Honorary Treasurer and then vice President for more than 10 years. He stood down in 1920 due to ill health. He was interested in the organisation of the periodical Pound Day appeals on behalf of the Sussex County Hospital which raised money and gifts of food for patients on the wards of the hospital.   He was also involved with the West Sussex Branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals.

In 1911 Macdonald and his Wife and Daughter, Herculina Maud Millicent were living at Dunolm, Winchester Road Worthing.

MacDonald’s Wife Emma Susan died in 1911 in Worthing and MacDonald died on the 30th April 1927 whilst living at Chetwode Lodge, Gratwicke Road, Worthing, Sussex.  He left £15470 17s 9d (approx. £635000 in 2020). Probate was granted to MacDonald George Alexander Hall and Herculina Maud Mellicent Reynolds, (his children).


Researcher: Jackie Rooney

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NES Row: 5 Plot: 14

Exact Location (what3words): waters.delay.paying

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of MacDonald Hall Major, born 17th November 1837 died 30th April 1927 Emma Susan wife of MacDonald Hall born 4th March 1839 passed away 29th December 1911

Further Information


Name: MacDonald Hall

Gender: Male

Born: 17/11/1837

Town: Alverstoke

County: Hampshire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: //1859

Spouse First Name: Emma

Spouse Second Name: Susan

Spouse Last Name: Twinning

Town of Marriage: Unknown

County of Marriage: Unknown

Country of Marriage: Canada

Information at Death

Date of Death: 30/04/1927

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Chetwode Lodge

Address line 2: Gratwicke road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Littlehampton Gazette – 6 May 1927

An Old Adjutant – Death of Major Macdonald Hall
An old and highly respected resident of Worthing, Major Macdonald Hall, of Chetwode Lodge, Gratwicke Road, died on Saturday evening in his 90th year.
The son of an officer in the old 19th Lancers, Major Macdonald Hall was, at the age of 18, commissioned to the Royal Dragoons, but subsequently he transferred to the old 62nd, now the Wiltshire Regiment, and was one of the first Regular Army officers to be appointed an Adjutant in the old Volunteers. From the 5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers at Liverpool he was transferred to Brighton, where he remained as Adjutant to the old 1st (Volunteer) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, until his retirement from the Army in 1880.

His Local Interests
For the next 20 years he was Actuary to the Brighton Savings Bank, and, after a brief residence at Southsea, he came to Worthing to live in 1903. Here he has been actively associated with the Nursing Association, of which he was for many years Honorary Treasurer, and he was also interested in the organisation of the periodical Pound Day appeals on behalf of the Royal County Hospital at Brighton.
The funeral is taking place this afternoon, the internment at Heene Cemetery being preceded by a service at Holy Trinity Church, where for many years Major Macdonald Hall was a sides-man.

Worthing Gazette – 11 May 1927

Former Adjutant’s Funeral – The Late Major Macdonald Hall
The funeral took place on Wednesday of Major Macdonald Hall, whose death at Chetwode Lodge, his residence in Gratwicke Road, at the age of 89 was recorded in our last issue. Originally commissioned to the Royal Dragoons when only 18, Major Macdonald Hall was one of the first Adjutants appointed from the Regular Army to the old Volunteers, and for years he was Adjutant to the old 1st (Volunteer) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment – a post which he retained until his retirement from the Army in 1881. During his residence in Worthing, which dated back over a quarter of a century, he did much useful work for the local Nursing Association, the Sussex County Hospital, and the West Sussex Branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

At Holy Trinity
The funeral at Heene Cemetery on Wednesday followed a service at Holy Trinity Church where for many years Major Hall had been a sidesman. The Vicar (Rev. Canon CJ Hollis) officiated, assisted by the Rev. RW Benson; and the chief mourners were Mrs Daniel and Mrs Reynolds (daughters), Mr Macdonald Hall and Mr Pendril Hall (sons), Mr Sotham and Mrs Sotham (granddaughter), Mr Ralph Daniel (grandson) and Mrs Daniel, Major George Hall (nephew) and Mrs Hall, Mrs Durham Hall, and Mrs Ronald Daniel.
Also at the Church were the Mayor (Councillor CB Cook), Lieutenant-Colonel F Cecil Parsons, of Hove(late of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment) and Mrs Parsons, Rear-Admiral E Gleet and Mrs Fleet, the Rev. Brereton and Mrs Brereton, Captain Bruce (Harrow-on-the-Hill), and Miss Bruce, Mr WH Arnold (Brighton), Mr AC Borlase (Brighton), Miss Carew, Miss Hunt, Mrs Lawson, Mr HCB Gibbs, Mr JS Hogg (Churchwarden at Holy Trininty), Mrs Harbart Tanner, and Miss Temple.

Floral Tributes – There were a large number of floral tributes. One was sent by his children, “Birdie, May, Jack and Penn” and others came from Colonel AC Hall (brother), Major and Mrs George Hall (South Kensington), Mrs Macdonald Hall (daughter-in-law), Winifred, Donald and Barbara, Mrs Durham Hall (daughter-in-law), Charles and Elsie, Ronald and Dorothy, Daniel, Ralph and Grace, Mr and Mrs Sotham (grandchildren), Sophie and Edith (maids), Cousin “Bez,” “Stuart and Pendril,” RC Comper (gardener), Lizzie Fell (Brighton)
Colonel C Somers Clarke and the officers of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, the Royal Sussex Regiment, “with sincere respect for a much revered Adjutant”; the members of the Sergeants’ Mess of the late 1st Volunteer Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment; the Trustees and Managers of the Brighton Savings Bank “in kindly remembrance of one who for 25 years was our valued Actuary”
Mr W Arnold, Mr and Mrs AH Bird and family, Miss Bruce, Miss F Budden, Mrs Baird, Mrs LW Burnand, Miss EM Byford (Worrington), Miss Chetwynd and Miss Doyle, Mr and Mrs Bentick Doyle, Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald Dalton, Admiral and Mrs Fleet, Mr and Mrs Gover, Mrs Hoare, Mrs William Hunt and Misses Hunt.
Mr and Mrs James, Mr and Mrs F Kidman and Connie (West Hamstead), Mr and Mrs F Kidman, Mrs Lloyd and family (Hove), Mrs Mundy, Mrs Harbart Tanner, Miss Temple, Mr and Mrs Ward, Mrs Herbert Williams, Miss Jean Waugh (Ealing), and Mrs Wheatland and family.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £15470 17 s 9 d

Current value of effects: £635000

Census Information


Fleetland House, Alverstoke Hampshire

George Hall (Head) age 40, Laura Hall (Wife) age 30, Laura (Daughter) age 12, Macdonald (Son) age 3, Alexander (Son) age 1


Fleetland House, Alverstoke Hampshire

George Hall (Head) age 51, Laura (Wife) age 44, Laura (Daughter) age 22, MacDonald (Son) age 13, Alexander Courtenay (Son) age 11, Alfred Campbell Blair Hall (Son) age 8, Caroline Campbell (Sister-in-law) age 45, Angus Campbell (Nephew) age 23, George Campbell (Nephew) age 17, Islag Campbell (Niece) age 14, plus 5 servants


81 Berkley Street, Toxteth Park Liverpool

MacDonald Hall (Head) age 34, Emma S (Wife) age 32, Laura C (Daughter) age 9, Herculina M M (Daughter) age 7, Macdonald G A (Son) age 5, Winniett W D (Son) age 2 plus 2 servants


30 New Road Brighton Sussex

MacDonald Hall (Head) age 43, Emma (Wife) age 42, Laurina (Daughter) age 19, Herculina M M (Daughter) age 17, Winniett W D (Son) age 12, Pendrill B (Son) age 9, Elizabeth Penrith (Grandmother) age 81, plus 2 servants


30 New Road Brighton

MacDonald Hall (Head) age 53, Emma (Wife) age 52, Herculina (Daughter) age 27, Winniett (Son) age 24, plus 2 servants


30 New Road Brighton Sussex

MacDonald Hall (Head) age 63, Emma (Wife) age 62, Herculina (Daughter) age 37, Violet Reynolds (Grandchild) age 4, plus 2 servants


Dunolm Winchester Road, Worthing Sussex

MacDonald Hall (Head) age 73, Emma Susan (Wife) age 71, Herculina M M Reynolds (Daughter, census shows wife) age 47, Violet May Reynolds (Daughter to Herculina) age 14, plus 2 servants


1 Chetwood Lodge, Gratwicke Road, Worthing Sussex

First name(s) Last name Relationship to head Sex Birth  Age  Birth place Occupation Employer
Macdonald Hall
M 1837 83 Alverstoke, Hampshire, England Major H M A Retired
Macdonald George Alexander Hall
M 1865 55 Plymouth, Devon, England Unemployed Murphy & Son, (Out Of Work)
Laura Caroline Hall
F 1861 59 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada None
Herculena Maud Millicent Hall
F 1863 57 Quebec, Canada None
Violet Twinning Hay Reynolds
F 1897 24 None
Sophia Kidman
F 1860 60 Cambridgeshire, England House Keeper Private
Edith Joyes
F 1887 33 Worthing, Sussex, England Domestic Servant Private

Miscellaneous Information

Worthing Gazette – 31 March 1920

District Nurses – A Survey of the 29th Year’s Active Operations

Certain changes are recorded in connection with the District Nursing Association. Councillor Ellen Chapman, who succeeded to the Presidency in the death of Lady Aubrey Fletcher, and undertaken so much public work, has felt impelled to resign; and Major Macdonald Hall has withdrawn from the position of Vice-President, in consequence of advancing years and the condition of his health.
Miss Jessie Hinds, who relinquished the post of Honorary Secretary, is succeeded by Miss Dixon; and Miss Beatrice Woods takes the place of Miss R Melvill Green, who resigned the post of Assistant Treasurer.
As the newly appointed President of the Association Mrs Dyer Edwardes took the Chair at the annual meeting, which was held at Mitchell’s Restaurant, Chapel Road, on Wednesday afternoon.
The Financial Position – Some of the principal items in the report and balance-sheet were alluded to by Dr. Frank Hinds, who pointed out that the annual subscriptions had fallen of by about £20, the donations from patients had been less, and they got no contribution last year from the Friendly Societies’ Parade. They  hoped that the Friendly Societies would give them a contribution in future years, and the subscriptions they hoped to make up by a system of collectors. During the first thre months the donations from patients were showing an increase, and were likely to get back to the old mark. Whilst the receipts had decreased their expenses had increased, chiefly owing to the larger amount of the Nurses’ salaries and wages and food at the Home. the board at the Home had been managed with Extreme Economy, for the weekly bills came to only a little more than 10s. each – (applause) – and he thought that whoever was responsible was to be congratulated. The work resembled very closely that of last year, for whilst the number of cases had increased, the visits were somewhat fewer.
Mr H Nelson referred with regret to the resignation of Major Macdonald Hall, who has been the Vice-President for more than 10 years.
Mr H Hargood, J.P., who has been connected with the Association since it was founded by the late Miss Louisa Twining, declared that the Association was fortunate in securing Mrs Dyer Edwardes as President.
The President alluded to the splendid work of the Association, and expressed the hope that the patients would give more largely, as they were now getting much better wages, and could afford to do so.
The proceedings were brought to a close with thanks to Major Macdonald Hall, Miss J M Hinds, and Mrs Dyer Edwardes.
Patients are declared to be most grateful for the kind and efficient attention they receive from the Nurses.
New cases numbering 354, of which 37 were Poor Law cases, were visited last year, the total number of visits paid being 7,977.
Amongst kindnesses shown to the Nurses, in appreciation of their services, the loan of a piano by Dr Howard is recorded with gratitude.
The sum of £14.12s. was subscribed by friends of patients of the late Nurse Jones towards the cross that has been erected to her memory in Broadwater Cemetery.
Last year’s receipts amounted to £351.13s.8d. and the expenditure to £428.3s.7d. so that the balance at the bank had to be drawn upon. There is an investment account of £830.19s.10d. and a reserve fund of £147.14s.6d.
Miss Foster, the former Senior Nurse, has accepted service under the Universities Mission to Central Africa; and Dr Hinds, remarking that she had done excellent work, said they regretted her departure, but wished her God-speed in her new sphere.
The officers of the Association as now constituted are as follows: President, Mrs Dyer Edwardes; Vice-President, Mr H Nelson; Committee, Miss Barnett, Mrs Charles, Rev. EJ Elliott, Dr Hinds, Mrs Hinxman, Miss JM Hinds, Miss Hunt, Mrs Hyde, Dr Hyde, Dr Le Riche, Dr Lunn, O.B.E., Mr Marsh, Mrs Mather, Miss Melvill Green, Dr Rouse, and Mrs RWH Green; Honorary Treasurer, Mr James White; Honorary Assistant Treasurer, Miss Beatrice Woods; and Honorary Secretary, Miss Dixon.