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Name: Matthew Wood

Burial Number: 0535

Gender: Male

Occupation: Major Indian Army

Distinction: Indian Army Major

Born: 09/09/1816

Died: 12/05/1907

Buried: 16/05/1907


Major Matthew Wood 1816 – 1907

Indian Army Major

The son of Joseph Wood and Mary Carter, Matthew served in the Madras Unit of the Indian Army.



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Researcher: Pat Brownbill

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 5 Plot: 40

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Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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To the memory of Matthew youngest child of the late J Wood Esqr of Manadon Park and Westminster. Late Major in H.M. Indian Army died May 12th 1907 aged 90 years "Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" In memory of Sarah Maria the dearly beloved wife of Major Matthew Wood who died 13th Sept 1897 aged 85 years "She is not dead but sleepeth"

Further Information


Name: Matthew Wood

Gender: Male

Born: 09/09/1816

Town: Westminster

County: Middlesex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: //

Spouse First Name: Sarah

Spouse Second Name: Maria

Spouse Last Name: Glanvill

Town of Marriage: Westminster

County of Marriage: Middlesex

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 12/05/1907

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 2: 6

Address line 3: Heene Terrace

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Worthing Gazette: DEATH OF MAJOR WOOD. An Old Indian Officer. WE regret to announce the death of Major Matthew Wood, who passed away at his residence No. 6, Heene Terrace, on Sunday. The said gentleman, who was in his ninety first year, was formerly in the Madras Infantry, and returned to England upon his retirement from military life. For many years past be had lived at West Worthing, and was at one time actively engaged in public life. Be was a member of the old West Worthing Commissioners, occupying the position of Chairman from 1884 until the absorption of the district into the borough in the autumn of 1890. On the death of the Rev. J. G. Greeson, a member of the West Sussex County Council, in the spring of 1889, Major Wood was induced, on the receipt of a requisition signed by a large number of the electors, to offer himself as a candidate for the vacant seat, but was defeated by Mr. A. A. Ralli by a majority of two hundred and eighty-three votes, the respective totals being seven hundred and seventy-eight and four hundred and ninety-five. Major Wood, who was of markedly methodical habit’, was a member of the Building Committee of Holy Trinity Church, and subsequently  became one of the Churchwardens.

Worthing Gazette: Funeral at Heene Cemetery THE mortal remains of the Lite ijor Matthew Wood, of 6, Heene-terrace, whose death we recorded in one last issue, were laid to rest in Heene Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, amid many outward symbols of mourning. The Stet part of tab eervice was held at Holy Trinity Church, the officiating Clergymen being the Rev. C. I. Hansa (formerly Vicar of Et* TriWity), the Res. G. H. Wilmott Elwell, and the Rev. J. 0 Parr. – Tho Choir were in attendance, wider the direction of Mr. C. Spratley, the Organist ; and the hymns, “Jesus, the very Thought of Thee” and ” Hush ! Blessed are the Dead,” were sung; while as the cortege lett the Church the strains of Mendelssohn’s beautiful 0 Best in the Lord were beard from the organ. The mourners consisted of Miss Wood (niece of the deceased gentleman), Mrs. Hodson, Mrs. Cattarns, Nurse Cvatheroole, Mr. 1). 0. H. Pollock, Mr. J. D. Arthur, ■nd Dr. W. Lockwood ; together with Mr. H. Seabrook (coachman to Major Wood) and the maids at 8 Heisee-terrace. The coffin, which was of polished oak. with brass fittings, bore these words on the inscription plate: Matthew Wood (Major Indian Army), died 12th May. 1907; aged 90 years.” Floral Tokens. Tbere were a number of beautiful dotal tributes, the list including the fillowing: In lonia, My dear use, Miss Wood. ad dear old friend, U. T. Barlasts= sad la seislary aid ,tassllr. Maths Barthel! and N:1.0 A. Wood, Reigate. Mt Weebow. vllk ‘,empathy. be Undo& Moo Gathen – ole. to Mist H. Mrlvill From Barham Lockwood. With loving from Mt. and Mr.. Marino’ le. With deep sympathy vsetfosate mem,” of ‘,tined friend, Miss laid& Tribute of dame sympathy. from Mr. and Mrs. srahrook. With h mien itympathy, His. L. Berkeley (Talton. With dory sympathy, Owlet. C. J. and Mrs. Hollis. In sincerr synth), teem Mae Is kind remembrance, The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J. Maker and Son. In the brief outline of the late Major Wood’s public career which we published in our last issue it should have been stated that he was for many years a member of the Committee of Management of the Hospital—or the Infirmary, as it was known during his association with it.

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