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Name: Mary Young

Burial Number: 0736

Gender: Female

Occupation: Annuitant

Born: 00/00/1837

Died: 13/02/1914

Buried: 17/02/1914


Mary was born in Newington, Surrey, the daughter of Charles and Mary Ann. She was baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Newington on 12th July 1837. Her father died in 1846.

The family stayed in Newington where her mother owned several properties. Mary lived with her mother until the latter’s death on 3rd June 1881.

By 1891, she was living in Worthing with her sister Maria at “Breinton” in St Botolph’s Road.  One of their nieces, Emily Thomas, daughter of her sister Jane, came to live permanently with her aunts.

Mary died on 13th February 1914. Probate was granted on 20th March to Maria Young spinster. Effects £2104 3s 11d.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NB Row: 2 Plot: 2

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Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In memory of Mary Anna Young died 13th February 1914 aged 76 years. Also of her sister Maria Young died on her birthday 10th July 1919 aged 77 years "He giveth His beloved sleep" Also in memory of a beloved sister Mary E Thomas died Jan 19th 1952 aged 75

Further Information


Name: Mary Anna Archibald Young

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1837

Town: Newington

County: Surrey

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 13/02/1914

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: "Breinton"

Address line 2: St Botolph's Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £2104 3 s 11 d

Current value of effects: £124128.00

Census Information


Unable to trace. Mary Ann’s mother was living with her father James Seagrave and her sons Charles and James. No trace of Mary Ann or her father, Charles.


40 St George’s Road, Newington

Mary Ann aged 41, proprietor of houses. Mary Ann aged 13. Charles aged 12. Maria aged 9. Jane aged 5. Plus 1 servant


40 St George’s Road, Newington

Mary Ann aged 51, householder. Mary Ann aged 23. Charles aged 22, clerk to broker. James aged 20, clerk to broker. Maria aged 18. Plus 1 servant.


130 Falmouth Road, Newington

Mary Ann aged 61, annuitant, leaseholder. Mary Ann aged 33, annuitant, funded. Jane aged 25 annuitant, funded. Plus 1 servant.


130 Falmouth Road, Newington

Mary Ann aged 71, annuitant. Mary Ann aged 43, annuitant. Maria aged 38, annuitant. Plus 1 servant


Living at “Breinton” St Botolph’s Road, Worthing

Mary Ann aged 53, living on own means. Maria aged 48, living on own means. Mary Thomas aged 14, niece. Jane Thomas aged 12, niece. Emily Thomas aged 11, niece. Percy Young aged 22, Oxford undergraduate. Plus a cook and maid. Note: The Thomas girls lost their father in 1879 and their mother in 1887.


Living at “Breinton” Shakespeare Road, Worthing

Mary Ann aged 63, living on own means. Maria aged 58, living on own means. Emily Thomas aged 21, niece, teacher of music. Plus 1 servant.


Living at “Breinton” Shakespeare Road, Worthing

Mary Ann aged 73, private means. Maria aged 68, private means. Emily Thomas aged 31, niece, teacher of pianoforte. Plus a cook and maid

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.