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Name: Mary Livings

Burial Number: 1056

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1838

Died: 14/11/1921

Buried: 17/11/1921


Mary Ann Emily Livings (nee Wood) was born in 1838 in Southampton Hampshire to Henry Thomas and Catherine Elizabeth Wood (nee Fletcher).  Henry Thomas worked as a Dancing Master, and in 1851 the family lived in Portsea, Portsmouth.

Mary married Alexander Livings in 1865 Oxfordshire, and in 1871 they are living at 27 Waylen Street, Reading, Berkshire

They had 9 children-

Henry A Livings born 1867 Reading Berkshire

Ellen Livings born 1868 Reading, Berkshire

Frances Livings born 1869 Reading Berkshire

Florence Livings born 1872 Reading Berkshire

Mabel Livings born 1874 Reading Berkshire

Zolith Livings born 1875 Reading Berkshire

Dora Livings born 1879 Reading Berkshire

Marie Livings born 1882 Reading Berkshire

Montague Livings born 1881 reading Berkshire

Alexander worked as head of the ledger department at the Royal Seed Establishment, Sutton & Sons in Reading. In 1891 the family are living at Southcote Lodge, Reading, Berkshire



Alexander died on 8th January 1914 while living in Reading

Mary died on 14th November 1921 at Hurst View boundary road Worthing. She left £2713 12 1d (£78833 in 2020) to her daughters Edith and Marie Louise livings

Researcher: Jackie Rooney

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NES Row: 3 Plot: 18

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Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of Mary Ann Emily Livings who passed away 14 Nov. 1921 aged 84 "The gift of God is eternal life"

Further Information


Name: Mary Ann Emily Livings

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1838

Town: Southampton

County: Hampshire

Country: England


Maiden Name:Wood

Marriage Date: //1865

Spouse First Name: Alexander

Spouse Last Name: Livings

Town of Marriage: Unknown

County of Marriage: Oxfordshire

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 14/11/1921

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Hurst View

Address line 2: Boundary Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £2713 12 s 1 d

Current value of effects: £78833

Census Information


16 Green Road, Portsea, Portsmouth

Henry Wood (Head) age 48, Elizabeth (Wife) age 34, Thomas (Son) age 15, Frances (Daughter) age 14, Mary A (Daughter) age 12, Alexander (Son) age 6, Mary C (Daughter) age 4, Henry (Son) age 3, Catherine (Daughter) age 1, plus 1 servant


High street, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Henry Wood (Head) age 59, Catherine (Wife) age 46, Mary Ann (Daughter) age 23, Cecilia (Daughter) age 15, Catherine (Daughter) age 11, Ellen (Daughter) age 9, Alice (Daughter) age 5, Henry (Son) age 13, Arthur (Son) age 7


27 Waylen Street, Reading, Berkshire

Alexander Livings (Head) age 32, Mary A (Wife) age 32, Henry A Livings (Son) age 4, Ellen (Daughter) age 3, Frances (Daughter) age 2,


Donathie square Reading Berkshire

Alexander Livings (Head) age 42, Mary A (Wife) age 42, Henry A (Son) age 14, Ellen (Daughter) age 13, Frances (Daughter) age 12, Florence (Daughter) age 9, Mabel (Daughter) age 7, Zolith (Daughter) age 6, Dora (Daughter) age 2, Montague (son) age 6 months


Southcote Lodge Reading Berkshire

Alexander Livings (Head) age 52, Mary A (Wife) age 52, Ellen (Daughter) age 23, Frances (Daughter) age 22, Florence (Daughter) age 19, Mabel (Daughter) age 17, Dora (Daughter) age 12, Montague (son) age 10


Southcote Lodge Reading Berkshire

Alexander Livings (Head) age 62, Mary A (Wife) age 62, Ellen (Daughter) age 33, Frances (Daughter) age 32, Mabel (Daughter) age 27, Dora (Daughter) age 22, Marie L (Daughter) age 18


Southcote Lodge Reading Berkshire

Alexander Livings (Head) age 72, Mary Ann (Wife) age 72, Mabel (Daughter) age 37, Dora (Daughter) age 32, Marie Louise (Daughter) age 28, plus 1 servant

Miscellaneous Information

Alexander Livings, husband of Mary

Reading Observer – 10th January 1914

The Late Mr Alexander Livings – After a long and painful illness, Mr Alexander Livings, and old and highly respected resident of Reading, died at his residence, St Annes’s, Wokingham Road, at an early hour on Thursday morning. The deceased gentleman, who had attained the advanced age of 75 years, was one of the eldest members of the staff of Messrs. Sutton and Sons at the Royal Seed Establishment. His period of service extended over 54 years, and for no less that 48 years he hold the responsible position of head of the ledger office. Another important function which was entrusted to him by the firm was the editing of all Messrs. Sutton’s catalogues, seed lists, and similar publications.
Mr Livings had been ill for about a year, and for the past nine months he had been unable to go to business. Last March an operation was performed, the patient suffering from a severe internal malady, and an eminent specialist was in attendance. Mr Livings never fully recovered from the effects of the operation, and latterly he had been under the constant care of Dr. PW Howse. Although he was confined indoors, Mr Livings was able to move about the house with comparative freedom until six weeks ago, when he was compelled to take to his bed.
During his long connection with the firm of Sutton and Sons, Mr Livings won the confidence of the principals and the esteem of all his colleagues on the staff. He was much interested in the Recreation Club, and in his more active days he was a member of Sutton’s cricket team. He was also an excellent tennis player, and until the early part of last year was able to indulge in the game. He was rarely absent from the shows and other functions arranged by the Club.
Mr Livings was for many years a member of the Union Lodge of Freemasons, No. 414, but owing to the exigencies of business life he was not able to go through the chair of the Lodge, greatly to his won regret and that of his brother members. As a consequence he retired from actual membership a few years since, although he was an occasional and very welcome visitor, not only to the Union, but to the Greyfriars and other Lodges in the town.
For many years he was a prominent and zealous member of the Book Club connected with Trinity Congregational Church, in connection with which he enjoyed the fellowship of some of the principal inhabitants of the town. He was a member of the congregation at Trinity.
In politics Mr Livings was an enthusiastic Liberal, and in years gone by he often spoke on the political platform.
Mr Livings leaves a widow, two sons and seven daughters, to whom the sympathy of all will be extended in their grief.
The funeral will take place at Earley Churchyard on Monday afternoon. the internment will be preceded at 2.45 by services at Trinity Congregational Church.

Reading Observer – 17th January 1914

The Late Mr A Livings, Funeral at Earley – The funeral of Mr Alexander Livings, who for 45 years was head of the ledger department at the Royal Seed Establishment, took place on Monday and was attended by the members of the firm of Sutton and Sons as well as by a large number of his late colleagues on the staff. As we stated in our obituary notice last week, the deceased gentleman was also a member of the fraternity of Freemasons, and a number of prominent Masons were present at the funeral service at Trinity Congregational Church.
The coffin, which was covered with beautiful wreaths, was met at the church door by the pastor (the Rev. Percy N Harrison), and as the cortege entered the church the organist (Mr FG Goodenough, F.R.C.O.) played “O Rest in the Lord”
The principal mourners were Mr M Livings (son) Mr and Mrs Parrott (son-in-law and daughter) Misses Edith, Dora and Marie Livings (daughters) and Mr FA Sarjeant.
The firm of Sutton and Sons was represented by Mr AW Sutton, Mr Leonard G Sutton, Mr Martin HF Sutton and MR EPF Sutton; Messrs. TJ Bennett, WC Blaxhill, HC Brown, WJ Brown, L Castle, HG Cox, WF Giles, WJ Grant, D Griffiths, W Johnson, WP Lasham, AH Leaver, FW Macdonald, WT Macdonald, FJ Plumer, W Shipway, E Tufnell, G Waight and J White (heads of departments); Messrs WJ Taylor, HJ Barrett, WH Hopkins and LF Farley (ledger office staff), and Mr AW Earley.
The congregation also included Messr E Margrett, C Slaughter, RW Bradley, WJ Stapley and W Shepherd (Freemasons), Mr JH Knowles (Trinity Congregational Book Club), Mr Owen Ridley, Mr Sydney Brain, Mr W Poulton, Messrs. EC Austen Leigh and J Walsh (Messrs. Spottiswoode and Co), Mr and Mrs CH Slaughter, Mr and Mrs AJ Wright, The Rev. WL Forfeitt, Mr W Dean (a former head of a department), Mr E Cowmeadow, Mr GH Poynder, Mr R Godden (Messrs Knill and Sons), Mrs W Bonny, Miss Glover, Mr J Pilgrim and others.
Two hymns “Safe in the arms of Jesus” and “Peace, perfect peace” were sung, and at the conclusion of the service the organist played the Dead March in “Saul”.
The internment took place in Earley Churchyard, the late Mr Livings having latterly resided in Earley parish.
Those who sent wreaths included the widow and children, Mr and Mrs Parrott, Mr AW Sutton, Mr LG Sutton, Mr Martin HF Sutton, Mr EPF Sutton, Mrs Sutton, the heads of departments, members of the Trinity Book Club, the committee and members of the Athenaeum Club, Messrs JA Hughes, FW Hunter, HL Hunter and GV Hunter, the Directors of Messrs. Spottiswoode and Co., Mr P Keevil, Mr FA Sarjeant, Mrs Robert Bradley, Mr and Mrs CH Slaughter, Mrs and Miss Bonny.