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Name: Joseph Kitchin

Burial Number: 0063

Gender: Male

Occupation: Seed Merchant and Corn Dealer

Born: 00/00/1818

Died: 12/10/1881

Buried: 15/10/1881


Joseph was the son of an innkeeper Matthew Kitchin and his wife Mary Cawkill Coghill and was baptised on 8th March 1818. Joseph married three times. By his first wife Eliza Ann Eastwood he had four children, and by his second Fanny Swan he had seven.  Joseph traded as a seed merchant. In November 1851, the London Gazette announced “Joseph Kitchin late of Stony Rock, Leeds, corn dealer, insolvent No 74.186C; William Lightfoot Assignee”. He married Fanny Swan in 1854 after applying for a licence in Islington stating that “he believeth that there is no impediment of Kindred or Alliance…. to bar or hinder the proceeding of Matrimony.” He recovered well from his insolvency and by 1871 was living at “Dunsdale” Westerham, Kent with a large family, a governess, 2 nurses and 4 servants. He retired to 71 Marine Parade, Worthing in 1881. When Joseph died later that year his address was 17 Heene Terrace, Worthing. He left a mere £20 to his widow Fanny.

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for Joseph Kitchin

Location in Cemetery

Area: NWS Row: 9 Plot: 21

Exact Location (what3words): text.sentences.silly

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In memory of Fanny widow of Joseph Kitchin died 21st Jan 1917 aged 82 years In memory of Joseph Kitchin late of Dunsdale Westerham, Kent died 12th October 1881 aged 63 years Julia Frederick July 23rd 1951 aged 83

Further Information


Name: Joseph Kitchin

Gender: Male

Born: 00/00/1818

Town: Leeds

County: Yorkshire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 8/9/1840

Spouse First Name: Eliza

Spouse Second Name: Ann

Spouse Last Name: Eastwood

Town of Marriage: Wigan

County of Marriage: Lancashire

Country of Marriage: England

Marriage Date: 6/6/1854

Spouse First Name: Fanny

Spouse Last Name: Swan

Town of Marriage: Islington

County of Marriage: Middlesex

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 12/10/1881

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: 17

Address line 3: Heene Terrace

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £20 0 s 0 d

Current value of effects: £1323.00

Census Information


2 St Thomas Street, Southwark, Surrey

Joseph aged 32, widower, hop and seed merchant. Henry Kitchin aged 18, brother, clerk to brother. Plus 2 servants.


Yorkersgate, Malton, Yorks.

Joseph aged 43, guest, traveller in hops and seeds. Staying at hotel run by Edward Rose.


“Dunsdale” Westerham, Kent.

Joseph aged 53, merchant. Fanny aged 36. Walter aged 14. Barclay aged 9. Edith F aged 7. Alice M aged 5. Julia H aged 3. Fanny M aged 1. Georgiana A Lacy aged 47, governess. Josephine Fortner aged 30, nurse. Sarah Spickett aged 21, nurse. Plus 4 servants.


71 Marine Parade, Worthing.

Joseph aged 63, retired merchant. Fanny aged 46. Edith F aged 17. Julia H aged 13. Fanny M aged 11. Alice M Mumford aged 25, governess private. Plus 2 servants.

Miscellaneous Information

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