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Name: John Crockford

Burial Number: 1681

Gender: Male

Occupation: Draper; Proprietor of Linen and Drapers Shop;

Distinction: Drapery Proprietor

Born: 00/06/1857

Died: 19/09/1938

Buried: 22/09/1938


John Allen Vernon Crockford 1857 – 1938

Birmingham born, draper, John Allen Vernon Crockford opened a successful linen department store in Worthing known as ‘The House of Value’.


John Allen Vernon Crockford was born in the Birmingham area in 1857, his father, Allen Lepard Crockford, 29 years, was a draper employing 15 people and his mother was Mary Ann, 25 years, nee Norris from Birmingham. John was the second child of 7 children and had 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

Between, 1871 and 1892, John lived with his parents at The Limes, Doe Bank, Lichfield Rd., Kings Norton, Birmingham and worked in his father’s shop (Crockford and Grove) as a draper at 102 Bull Rd., Birmingham.

In 1892, he married Edna Marie Phillips in Kings Norton. In 1891, Edna was working as a barmaid in ‘The Swan Hotel’, a large public house with many ‘live-in’ servants.

In 1897, John’s father Allen died and by 1901 the couple were living in Rhyl, Flintshire where John was listed as a retired draper. The couple had four children; Winifred (b 1893), Gwendoline b (1894) and twins Doris and Allen born in 1897. Doris died in 1902, and by 1911 Winifred and Gwendoline were boarding at ‘The Laurels school in Dunchurch and Allen was a scholar at Gresham School, Norfolk. The family were living in Edgbaston and John was once again a Draper at Crockford & Grove.

In 1915, John, became the proprietor of Cameron & Co, a large linen and drapers shop at 43 to 45 Chapel Road, Worthing. By 1919 the shop was called Crockford’s selling everything from blouses to corsets, sports jackets to hats and was known as ‘The House for Value”. The electoral roll showed him living at Cranfield, Downview Road, Worthing.

Son, Allen, won a commission to the army in 1915 and was later decorated for war service. He then studied medicine at Cambridge University and became an honorary surgeon to George V1 and Queen Elizabeth II. Gwendoline became a physiopherapist and Winifred a bank clerk.

In the 1920’s John and his wife moved to 206 Preston Road, Hove, travelling to Worthing each day by train and sporting a colourful buttonhole. He later retired and the shop was sold to John Perring.

John died at 2 Aymer Road, Hove, Sussex on 19th September 1938 leaving £31122 to his widow, Edith Marie Crockford, son Allen Lepard Crockford, medical practitioner and nephew Eric Bertram Crockford, solicitor.

Researcher: Pat Brownbill

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for John Crockford

Location in Cemetery

Area: NB Row: 19 Plot: 1

Exact Location (what3words): magic.calls.stacks

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



EndowedGrave: Cut grass and keep tidy. Not responsible for supplying plants


In loving memory of my dearest husband John Allen Vernon Crockford who passed on 19th September 1938 aged 81 Also of Edith Marie Crockford his wife who died 13th March 1954 age 84

Further Information


Name: John Allen Vernon Crockford

Gender: Male

Born: 00/06/1857

Town: Birmingham

County: Middlesex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: //1892

Spouse First Name: Edna

Spouse Second Name: Marie

Spouse Last Name: Phillips

Town of Marriage: Birmingham

County of Marriage: Worcestershire

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 19/09/1938

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 2: 2

Address line 3: Aymer Road

Town: Hove

County: Sussex

Country: England


Published: Wednesday 21 September 1938
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette

The death occurred at his home. 2 Aymer Road. Hove, on Monday, of Mr. John Allen Vernon Crockford, for many years in business in Worthing as a draper. His premises were on the site in Chapel-road now occupied by Messrs. John Perring.
Mr. Crockford was in his 82nd year. although he never lived in Worthing. but came daily by train to his business from Hove. Mr. Crockford was long one of the best known traders in the town. One of his characteristics was that he always wore an attractive button-hole.
The funeral is taking place to-morrow (Thursday) at Heene Church at 12.30.

From the Worthing Herald, 23rd September 1938.

‘Mr J.A.V. Crockford who has died at his home in Aymer Road, Hove, at the age of 82, was a well-known figure in Worthing during the years in which he conducted his Drapery business in Chapel Road. Everyone who remembers him in those days, speaks of his unfailing good nature and charming personality, which won him a host of friends.

He was Secretary of the drapers’ organisation in the town, prior to its amalgamation with the Chamber of Trade, and the members of the trade remember with gratitude the unflagging zeal with which he worked for them, especially in the difficult years in the War, when his flair for making rapid decisions proved invaluable.

Mr Crockford was a generous patron of the YMCA.

His funeral took place at Heene Cemetery, preceded by a service at Heene Church. The Rev J Combridge, Vicar of St Andrews, Hastings, an old friend of the family, officiated.

Among those who attended the Church service were several of Mr Crockford’s former employees.’

Published: Wednesday 28 September 1938
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette


A number of his old employees sent wreaths to the funeral in Heene on Thursday of Mr. John Allen Vernon Crockford, for many years in business as a draper in Chapel-road. Worthing, whose death at his home in 2 Aymer Road, Hove, at the age of 82, was recorded in last week’s Worthing Gazette.
A service in St. Botolph’s Church was conducted by the Rev. J. S. Cornbridge. Vicar of St. Andrew’s. Hastings, an old friend of the family. The chief mourners were Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Crockford (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Cook (son-in-law and daughter). Miss Winifred E. Crockford (daughter). Colonel and Mrs. L. C. Crockford (nephew and niece). Mr. B. Crockford (nephew). and Mrs. C. F. Turner. Also present were Mr. A. R.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £31122 19 s 6 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at 38 Charlotte Rd., Kings Norton, Birmingham, Allen L Crockford, 33, Draper, Wife Mary Ann Crockford, 29, daughter Eliza J Crockford, 6, son John Allen V Crockford 3, Son Arthur L Crockford 2, Visitor Jane Passman 58, Servants: nursemaid Emma Rose, 24 and cook Emma Swann, 20.


Living at Doe Bank, Lichfield Rd., Sutton Coldfield, Allen L Crockford, 43, Draper, Wife Mary A Crockford, 34, Daughter Eliza J Crockford, 16, Son John A V Crockford, 13, Son, Arthur L Crockford, 12, Son, Howard L Crockford, 9, Son, Alfred W Crockford, 7, Son, Edgar B Crockford, 5, Daughter Constance E Crockford, 2, Servants: Martha Stafford, 26, Emma F Brose, 34, Emma Ward, 22, Mary Smith, 21 and John Burton, 19.


Living at Doe Bank, The Limes, Sutton Coldfield Allen Leopold Crockford, 53, Draper, wife Mary Ann Crockford, 49, daughter Eliza Jane Crockford, 26, Son John Allen Vernon Crockford, 23, Draper, son Arthur Leslie Crockford, 22, Solicitor, son  Howard Leopold Crockford, 19, Draper’s apprentice, son Alfred W. Crockford, 17, Merchant’s apprentice, son Edgar Bernard Crockford, 15 Banker’s clerk, servants: Fanny Duggan, 23, Cook, Emily C. Walton, 25, Housemaid, Rebecca Eastope, 15, Under Housemaid.


Living at The Limes, Doe Bank,  Sutton Coldfield Allen L Crockford, 63, Draper, Wife Mary A Crockford, 59, Daughter Eliza J Crockford, 36, Son John A V Crockford, 33, Draper, Son Howard L Crockford, 29 Draper, Son Edgar B Crockford, 25, Banker’s Cashier, Daughter Constance E Crockford, 22, Visitor William G Parkes, 36, Steel Toy Manufacturer, Servants: Elizabeth Breeze, 22, Housemaid, Phoebe Mills, 27, Cook.


Living at Killiney, Marine Drive, Rhyl, Flintshire John A V Crockford, 43, Retired Draper, Wife Edith M Crockford, 31, Daughter Winifred E Crockford, 7, Daughter Gwendoline C Crockford, 5, Daughter Doris M Crockford, 3, Son Allen L Crockford, 3, Governess Helen Whitehouse, 33, Servants: Mary E Morris, 23, Nurse, S C Williams, 23 Housemaid. Doris and Allen were twins


Living at 74 Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham John Allen Vernon Crockford, 54, Draper, Wife Edith Marie Crockford, 41, Son Allen Lepard Crockford, 13, Servants: Mary Smith, 30, Cook, Eliza Ann Downes, 26, Housemaid.

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.