Portrait of John Coulson

Name: John Coulson

Burial Number: 0891

Gender: Male

Occupation: Spice/Fruit Warehouseman

Born: 00/00/1874

Died: 10/02/1918

Buried: 16/02/1918


John William Coulson was born to John and Jane Coulson in North Woolwich London in 1874. His father was a Stable livery worker and an Iron Moulder. John lived in London with his parents and was the second child of 5. He had an older sister Eliza born 1871, and 3 younger brothers, George Alfred born 1876, Harry born 1878 and William born 1880. Brother Harry died in 1882 aged 3.
John lived most of his life in London and worked as a fruit packer at the family home of Carter Street and Charles Street in Limestone, London.
John marries in 1897 to Elizabeth Rebecca Avery and has one son John William George in 1898. From 1901 to 1911 John and his wife and son live at 26 Dora Street, Limehouse London. In 1911 John’s younger brother William marries his wife’s sister, Eliza in London. Unfortunately, William signs for short service in the Army in 1916 and dies of his wounds in 1917 in Boulogne France and is buried there. John’s other brother George also signs for short service and returns to live in London with his wife and children. Eliza marries and lives in London.
The following year of 1918 John William Coulson dies in Worthing and is buried in Heene Cemetery. John’s family were also living in Worthing with him at his time of death as his Son John William George Marries in Worthing in 1927 but returns to London. His wife also returns to London and dies in 1971

Researcher: Gail Warner-Clarkson

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: SES Row: 10 Plot: 22

Exact Location (what3words): loved.appear.fortunate

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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Sacred to the memory of my dear husband JOHN WILLIAM COULSON, dies 10th February 1918 aged 44 years "At Rest"

Further Information


Name: John William Coulson

Gender: Male

Born: 00/00/1874

Town: Woolwich

County: Kent

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 02/08/1897

Spouse First Name: Elizabeth

Spouse Second Name: Rebecca

Spouse Last Name: Avery

Town of Marriage: Poplar

County of Marriage: London

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 10/02/1918

Cause of death: Pleuro-Pneumonia 6 days

Address line 1: West View

Address line 3: Harrow Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at 4 Carter Street Bromley, London – Father is a Iron Moulder and all the children are living at home


Living at 28 Charles Street – Johns father is not present on the census record, but mother is a dress maker and all four children present Eliza a Fruit machinist, John a Fruit packer and George is a labourer, William at school


Living at 26 Dora Street, Limehouse, London – John (27) is living with his wife (24) and child (2) John is working as a commercial clerk and his wife is a dressmaker working from home on her own account


Living at 26 Dora Street, Limehouse, London – John (37) is living with his wife (34) and child (12) with two boarders in their home. They have been married for 13 years and have only had one child. John is working as a Fruit Warehouseman now and his wife is still a dressmaker. Both boarders are also dressmakers

Miscellaneous Information

John William George Coulson - only son

Elizabeth Rebecca Avery Coulson - wife