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Name: John Bicknell

Burial Number: 0711

Gender: Male

Occupation: Deacon; Chaplain; Vicar;

Born: 7/1/1821

Died: 15/4/1913

Buried: 18/04/1913


John Bicknell was born on 7 January 1821 in Colchester, Essex,  to Rev John Bicknell and his wife, Elizabeth. He entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1839 and gained his BA in 1843 and his MA in 1846. He was ordained deacon at Peterborough in 1844 and in the same year was Chaplain to Oakham Gaol in Rutland. He married Charlotte Ellington, the daughter of John Ellington, surgeon, of Oakham on 2 November 1847. Between 1866 and 1899 he was Vicar of St Saviour’s, Highbury, Middlesex and lived at the Parsonage. By 1901 he had moved to ‘Staplehurst’, Winchester Road, Worthing, where he lived for the rest of his life, looked after by a widowed daughter, Frances Mary Sparling. He remained active in the religious life of St Botolph’s Church, Worthing. In the Worthing Gazette it was reported that as parochial secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 1903 he raised total contributions for the parish to £107 12s 1d, the highest sum yet reached. Rev John Bicknell died on 15 April 1913, aged 92, and left £6533 15s 11d to be administered by two of his sons, Rev Herbert Ellington, Rector of St Peter and St Paul, Birtsmorton, Tewkesbury, and Rev Charles Vincent Bicknell, Vicar of St Michael’s, St Albans.

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: SES Row: 9 Plot: 8

Exact Location (what3words): others.damp.quite

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves


None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves

Further Information


Name: John Bicknell

Gender: Male

Born: 7/1/1821

Town: Colchester

County: Essex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 2/11/1847

Spouse First Name: Charlotte

Spouse Last Name: Ellington

Town of Marriage: Oakham

County of Marriage: Rutland

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 15/4/1913

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Staplehurst

Address line 3: Winchester Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £6533 15 s 11 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Longbridge, Deverill, Wiltshire

John Bicknell, 30, head, curate of    ?    Deverill; Charlotte Bicknell, wife; Frances Mary Bicknell, 2, daughter; Hubert (sic) but actually Herbert Ellington Bicknell, 1, son; Charles Vincent Bicknell, 1, son; Frederick Holmes A Court, 11, pupil; Henry Holmes A Court, 9, pupil;

plus 2 female house servants


“Oak Villa”, Castle Hill, Cookham, Berkshire

John Bicknell, 40, head, clergyman without   ?   schoolmaster ?  ?  ? private pupils; Charlotte Bicknell, 38, wife; Herbert Bicknell. 11, son, scholar; Charles V Bicknell, 10, son, scholar; Walter L Bicknell, 7, son, scholar; John P Ballard, 16, boarder, scholar; John D Morice, 11, boarder,  scholar; John G S Morice, 11, boarder, scholar; Walter Morice, 10, boarder, scholar; William Morice, 9, boarder, scholar; Charles Parke, 10, boarder, scholar;

plus  3 domestic servants


Parsonage House, Aberdeen Park, Islington

John Bicknell  MA, 50, head, Vicar of St Saviour’s; Charlotte Bicknell, 48, wife; Charles Vincent Bicknell, 20, son, tea broker

plus 2 domestic servants


The Parsonage, St Mary, Islington, Highbury

John Bicknell, 60, head, clergyman; Charlotte Bicknell, 48, wife; William D Mooser, 63, visitor, clergyman; Margaret Mooser, 22, daughter;

plus cook and housemaid


St Saviour’s Parsonage, Islington Highbury

John Bicknell, 70, head, widower, clerk (crossed out) in Holy Orders, clergy; Frances M Bicknell, 42, daughter, Majory C M Sparling, 2, grand; plus cook daughter; Hart Philip Sparling, 1 , grandson;

plus cook, housemaid and nurse


“Staplehurst”, Heene

John Bicknell, 80, head, widower, clergyman Church of England; Frances Mary Sparling, 52, widow, housekeeper at home;

plus cook and housemaid


“Staplehurst”, Winchester Road, Worthing

Frances Mary Sparling, 62, head, widow, private means; John Bicknell, 90, widower, clergyman; Marjory Charlotte Mary Sparling, 22, daughter;

plus 2 female domestic servants

Miscellaneous Information

Heene Parish Magazine

A Parochial Record – The Heene Parish Magazine for February has the following paragraph: “We heartily congratulate our parochial Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the Rev. John Bicknell, on the result of his efforts for the Society during the year 1903. The total contributions from this parish amounted to £107.12s.1d., the highest sum yet reached. We could wish that every parish had so energetic a Missionary Secretary, for results would be far different, and support of the Missionary cause far greater.”