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Name: Henry Puckle

Burial Number: 0826

Gender: Male

Occupation: Colonel, Indian Staff Corps

Born: 23/05/1833

Died: 07/05/1916

Buried: 10/05/1916


Henry was born in Worthing, the son of Richard and Clementina Puckle. He was baptised at Broadwater Church on 5 Oct. Henry led an exciting life. In 1850, he was one of the men who launched a second boat off Worthing seafront to try and save the crew of the ill-fated “Lalla Rookh”. 11 men died in this disaster. The same year Henry became a gentleman cadet at the East India Company’s Addiscombe College in Croydon.
On 9 Dec 1852 he was appointed Ensign in 28th Madras Native Infantry in India. On 15 Sep 1857, Henry married his first cousin Louisa Hale Puckle at St Neot’s Huntingdonshire. The couple went to India where in 1858 their daughter Eleanor Fanny was born. On 1 Nov that year, Henry was promoted to Lieutenant. A second daughter Millicent Louisa was born in Bengal in 1859. Sadly, both Eleanor and her mother Louisa died in 1860.
Henry was promoted to Captain in 1864. The following year, he married Cecilia Emily Tod on 9 Nov in India. George was born in Kamptee in 1867 followed by Emily born in Allahabad in 1868. Another son, John was born in Mussoorie in 1869. In 1872, Henry was promoted to Major with the Madras Staff Corps. Two years later back in England, daughter Christina was born at Sandgate in Kent. Two more children were born in India over the next few years. Thomas Norman in 1875 and Lucy in 1878. The same year, Henry was promoted to Lt. Colonel.
In 1880, Cecilia gave birth to a son Frederick Kaye in Worthing. She was staying with her aunt Emily Phillips in Chapel Road. Cecilia died on 1 Jun 1881 and was buried in Broadwater Cemetery. Henry was promoted to Colonel on 9 Dec 1881. In 1890 Henry married for the third time. The ceremony took place in Cape Town and his bride was Elinor Tempest Renny. This was also the year that Henry’s mother Clementina died and Henry retired from the Army. The family moved to Tunbridge Wells where a daughter Ella was born. In 1892, Henry’s son George died in the Canary Isles. Three more children were born to Henry and Elinor, Harry in 1894, Grace in 1895 and Nancy in 1898. In 1899, the family were living at “One Oak” Molyneux Park, Tonbridge Wells. Their youngest daughter Norah was born in 1900. The family moved to Scotland for a short time before finally settling back in Henry’s home town of Worthing in 1908. Elinor died on 21 Mar that year and was buried at Heene without a funeral service. She and her husband were non-conformists and worshipped at Worthing Tabernacle. In 1914, Henry’s son Thomas Norman was killed in action in Cameroon. He was buried in Nigeria. Henry had an interest in the Coalportage Association. This organisation was a source of inexpensive Christian literature. Henry died on 7 May 1916. Probate was granted on 23 May to John Bloomfield Braddon, gentleman. Effects £1121 19s 6d (approx. £66k in 2020). Henry was buried under the “Burial Law Act of Amendment 1888”. A non-conformist service was performed by the Pastor of Worthing Tabernacle. In 1917, Henry’s son John was killed in action off Greece. His memorial is on the family plot in Broadwater cemetery.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 4 Plot: 39

Exact Location (what3words): gallons.notice.sand

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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Elinor Tempest Puckle wife of Colonel H.C. Puckle died 21 March 1908 "My grace is sufficient for thee" 11 Cor. Xll. 9. Colonel H.C.Puckle 28th Madras Native Infantry died 7th May 1916 "He looked for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God" Hebrews Xl. 10. Grace Puckle died 13th July 1927 aged 31 "God proved them and found them worthy for himself" Wisdom 3.5

Further Information


Name: Henry Glover Puckle

Gender: Male

Born: 23/05/1833

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 15/09/1857

Spouse First Name: Louisa

Spouse Second Name: Hale

Spouse Last Name: Puckle

Town of Marriage: St Neot's

County of Marriage: Huntingdonshire

Country of Marriage: England

Marriage Date: 9/11/1865

Spouse First Name: Cecilia

Spouse Second Name: Emily

Spouse Last Name: Todd

Town of Marriage: Unknown

County of Marriage: Unknown

Country of Marriage: India

Marriage Date: 10/5/1890

Spouse First Name: Elinor

Spouse Second Name: Tempest

Spouse Last Name: Renny

Town of Marriage: Cape Town

County of Marriage: Unknown

Country of Marriage: South Africa

Information at Death

Date of Death: 07/05/1916

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: "Kinara"

Address line 3: Manor Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Worthing Gazette 17 May 1916 “The Death of Colonel H G Puckle” His Army Career A Reminiscence of the Wreck of the “Lalla Rookh” We made brief reference in our last issue of the death of Colonel Henry Glover Puckle, who passed away at his residence “Kinara” Manor Road in his 84th year. The funeral took place on Wednesday, the interment being at Heene Cemetery and a large number of his friends gathered at his graveside in token of their regard and remembrance of one who was held in high esteem and respect. Colonel Puckle had a long career in the service of the Crown and much of his time was spent in India. He was a native of the town and first saw the light on 23rd May 1833 and was the son of Mr Richard Puckle of Broadwater. He was educated at Tonbridge School and trained for the Army at the Honourable East India Company, a military college at Addiscombe. He received his commission as Ensign in Her Majesty’s Indian Army in December 1852, and served for thirty- five years in India till he retired in 1887. His Military experiences were varied for at the outbreak of the Crimean War he volunteered for active service, and was three times requested to hold himself in readiness for the front but was finally sent to India instead. His first voyage to the east was in a sailing ship via the Cape of Good Hope, the time taken being three months, this of course being before the days of the Suez Canal and the steamship service. During the Indian Mutiny he served as an engineer in the Public Works department, bridge building and the construction of railways forming the main part of his work. His regimental duties took him to many parts of India and Burma so that he was thoroughly conversant with the language, literature and the characteristics of the country, of which he made a study. Colonel Puckle was three times married. His first wife, who was also his cousin was the daughter of the Rev. Benjamin Puckle, Rector of Grafham, Huntingdonshire but she died a few years later in India. When a Major at Camptee, he married in 1865 Cecilia Emily daughter of Lt. Col. A Tod (Madras Army). Her death occurred at Broadwater in 1882. Nine years later after he had left the service, he married Elinor Tempest, daughter of Maj. Gen. G A Renny VC Royal Artillery. Of his children, all five of his sons entered the Army, and two served throughout the South African War and one, Captain T N Puckle of the Leicestershire Regiment fell in action during the first month of the present war in the Cameroon fighting in German West Africa. Colonel Puckle’s long association with the town made him decide to settle in the place where he had spent some of his early schooldays and early periods of his life and he used to tell of many interesting events of those days connected with the town and district. At the time of the wreck of the “Lalla Rookh” off the town, he was amongst those who helped to launch the boat which brought back the survivors. Latterly his great interest was in the work of the Tabernacle of which church he became a member. Since the outbreak of the war, one of his chief thoughts was in the welfare of the troops quartered in the town for whom he counted it a privilege to do all he could. His connection with the Coalportage Association locally covered a period of about ten years and his interest in this as also in the Mission to Railwaymen was great.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £1121 19 s 6 d

Current value of effects: £66000.00

Census Information


Liverpool Place, Worthing

Richard aged 45, independent. Clementina aged 35. Richard aged 10. Frederick aged 9. Henry aged 8. Clementina aged 7. William aged 6. Benjamin aged 5. Plus 3 servants.


Addiscombe College, Croydon

Henry aged 17, gentleman cadet at college run by Lt. Col. Frederick Abbott.


In India


In India


In India


45 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Henry aged 58, colonel Madras Staff Corps, Army Officer. Elinor aged 31. Christina aged 17. Thomas aged 16. Ella aged 1 month. Plus 1 servant.


“Carngeal” Moulin, Perthshire

Henry aged 67, colonel Indian Staff Corps. Elinor aged 41. Ella aged 10. Harry aged 6. Grace aged 5. Nancy aged 3. Norah aged 3 months. Mary Louise Royd aged 23, governess. Plus 5 servants.


“Kinara” Manor Road, Worthing

Henry aged 77, retired colonel Indian Army. Nancy aged 13. Nora aged 10. Laura Ridge aged 54, governess. Plus 3 servants.

Miscellaneous Information

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