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Name: Harriett Barford

Burial Number: 0586

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1856

Died: 3/7/1909

Buried: 08/07/1909


Harriett was born in 1856 in Doncaster to Joseph Hague, a printer, compositior and press man, and his wife, Mary Ann. She married Joseph Barford, a plumber, on 14 July 1873. at St. Mary,Luton, Bedfordshire , and in all subsequent Censuses lived in the Worthing area Their first child, Joseph, was born in September 1873 and died the following month. In 1909 she had two addresses – 7, Brunswick Road, Heene and Jury Farm, Sidlesham, where she died on 3 July.

The Barfords seemed to be a lively family. Joseph and his wife were summoned at Heene for assaulting Mary Ann Henley of Heene Lane on 6 January 1890 over a dispute connected with purchases at Mrs Barford’s shop. There was some pushing and a few blows (see press article) The Bench found the accusations and counter-accusations so conflicting that the cases were dismissed.

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 4 Plot: 25

Exact Location (what3words): undulation.dices.zone

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



Harriet is buried under the headstone for Irene and Brian Greenfield


My darling wife Irene Greenfield fell asleep 31st March 1932 aged 29 also Brian our son 6th April 1932 aged 3 weeks "Sleep on beloved, until we meet again"

Further Information


Name: Harriett Elizabeth Barford

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1856

Town: Doncaster

County: Yorkshire

Country: England


Maiden Name:Hague

Marriage Date: //

Spouse First Name: Joseph

Spouse Last Name: Barford

Town of Marriage: Unknown

County of Marriage: Unknown

Country of Marriage: Unknown

Information at Death

Date of Death: 3/7/1909

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Jury Farm

Town: Unknown

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £69 9 s 0 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at 21, Young Street, Doncaster, Yorkshire
Joseph Hague, 36, head, printer, compositor and press man?; Mary Ann Hague, 44, wife; Thomas Hague, 15, son, coach painter; Joseph Wm Hague, 10, son, scholar; Harriet (sic) Hague, 8,daughter, scholar; Frederick Hague. 5, son, scholar;


Living at Park Crescent Lodge, Broadwater
Joseph Barford, 25,head, tinman and whitesmith; Harriet(sic) Barford. 25, wife; Maud M Barford, 1, daughter;


Living at 18, Cobden Road, Broadwater, Sussex
Joseph Barford aged 34, head, plasterer; Harriet E Barford aged 35, wife; Maude M Barford aged 11, daughter, scholar; Harriet(sic) E Barford aged 8, daughter, scholar; Clara Barford aged 4, daughter, scholar; Alfred J Lovejoy aged 28, boarder, gardener; Charles Hammerly aged 50, lodger, Z ?


Living at 7, Brunswick Road, Heene
Joseph Barford, 45, head, master plumber and gas fitter; Harries(sic) should be Harriet(t), 46, wife; Clara Barford, 14, daughter; Norman Barford, 9, son;

Miscellaneous Information

Bognor Regis Observer Wednesday 29th January 1890

A Row in a Shop – Joseph Barford, was summoned for assaulting Mary Ann Henley at Heene on the 6th January; Harriet Elizabeth Barford wife of the defendant, was also summoned for assaulting Mary Ann Henley at the same time and place; and Mary Ann Henley, was summoned for assaulting Harriet Elizabeth Barford. – the cases were taken together – Mrs Henley said she lived at Heene Lane. On 6th January she sent her little girl to Mr Barford’s shop for some bread and other things. She gave her a two shilling piece, and the goods came to 81/2d. Mr Barford kept a 1s. and only sent back 31/2d. instead of 1s.31/2d. Witness went to Mrs Barford and asked her to reason why she kept the shilling, and she replied that witness owed her 2s., which was true. Witness held the 31/2d. out in her hand, and Mrs Barford took it, saying “You shan’t have any at all; get out of my shop” Witness replied “I will when you give me my money.” Mrs Barford then laid hold of witness;s hair with one hand, and “fixed” her near the eye with the other. She called Mr Barford, who came into the shop, and he held witness with one hand and punched her with the other in the chest. Witness had not been able to speak, except in whispers, since. Mr Barford knocked her out of the shop, right over the pavement into the toad, and witness fell. Mr Barford said he merely pushed Mrs Henley out of the shop because she assaulted his wife, and also struck him in the mouth – Mrs Barford admitted keeping the shilling because Mrs Henley owed her some money. When Mrs Henley came to the shop she told her that, and Mrs Henley said “Give me my 2s. back and you take your goods back, and I will go somewhere else.” Witness replied, “I shall keep the shilling.” and Mrs Henley said “By God you will not,” and struck witness on the face. Witness then ordered her out of the shop, and as she would not go witness went to the other side of the counter and pushed her towards the door. Mrs Henley then took hold of and struck he in the side. Witness called her husband and he came and put Mrs Henley out. – The Chairman said that no doubt there had been a “row” and a “scrimmage” between the parties, but the evidence was so conflicting that the Bench had decided to dismiss all the three cases.