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Name: Harriet Hancock

Burial Number: 0997

Gender: Female

Distinction: Married a Tea Broker

Born: 15/11/1846

Died: 27/07/1920

Buried: 30/07/1920


Harriet Mary Fanny Pocock was born on 15th November 1846 and baptised at St. Giles, Camberwell, on 18th December 1846, she was the daughter of Reverend Frederick Pearce Pocock, 28yrs, and Harriet 20yrs, nee Pocock. She had a younger brother, Frederick Ernest b.1852.

Harriet’s father was a clergyman and schoolmaster, Chaplain of the City Union, the family lived in High Street, Bow, along with the pupils. Harriet lived with her parents until 29th June 1871, when aged, 24yrs, she married Hamilton Arnold Hancock, 24yrs, a Tea Broker. In 1873 their daughter, Ethel, was born, a second daughter, Gladys Mary, was born and died in 1884, their third daughter, Elsie Fanny, was baptised in December 1884 at Upper Norwood.

Harriet and Hamilton lived in Hove, in 1881, they were in Croydon in 1891 and returned to Brighton in 1901 where they were boarders on Marine Parade. In 1911 they had moved to Worthing, Sussex, where they were boarding at Eardley House, on the seafront.

They then moved to Portlet, Down View Road, Worthing, where Harriet died on 27th July 1920, aged 74yrs. Probate was granted to her husband, effects £3061 17s 6d. Value 2022 – £145,775.

Researcher: Maggi Martin

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for Harriet Hancock

Location in Cemetery

Area: WB Row: 1 Plot: 19

Exact Location (what3words): safe.bike.scuba

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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"He loved them until the end" In memory of Harriet Mary Fanny the beloved wife of Hamilton A. Hancock who died at Portlet, Worthing July 1920 aged 72

Further Information


Name: Harriet Mary Fanny Hancock

Gender: Female

Born: 15/11/1846

Town: Camberwell

County: London

Country: England


Maiden Name:Pocock

Marriage Date: 29/06/1871

Spouse First Name: Hamilton

Spouse Second Name: Arnold

Spouse Last Name: Hancock

Town of Marriage: Stratford

County of Marriage: Middlesex

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 27/07/1920

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Portlet

Address line 3: Down View Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: £3061 17 s 6 d

Current value of effects: £145775

Census Information


Living at High Street, Bow, Middlesex. Frederick Pocock, 32yrs, MA Chaplain of the City Union, wife, Harriet, 24yrs, daughter, Harriet M.F., 4yrs, father, George Pocock, 62yrs, Incumbent St. Paul’s, Marylebone, mother, Mary Pocock, 67yrs, Elizabeth Green, 37yrs, companion, plus 7 pupils and 3 domestic servants.


Living at High Street, Bow, Middlesex. Frederick P. Pocock, 42yrs, Clergyman/Schoolmaster, wife, Harriet, 39yrs, daughter, Harriet M. 14yrs, son, Frederick, 9yrs, plus 7 others.


Living at 7, Mills Terrace, Hove, Sussex. Hamilton A. Hancock, 34yrs, Tea Broker, wife, H.M.F.,34yrs, daughter, Ethel, 8yrs, plus nursery governess.


Living at 12, Crescent Road, Croydon, Surrey. Hamilton A. Hancock, 44yrs, Sworn Tea Broker, wife, Harriet M.F. 44yrs, daughters, Ethel, 18yrs, Elsie, 6yrs, plus 4 domestic servants.


Boarding at 25, Marine Parade, Brighton, Sussex. Earle Bird, 59yrs, House Builder, wife, Lucy, 42yrs, 2 children, Daisy, 18yrs, Earle, 7yrs, Hamilton A. Hancock, 54yrs, Boarder, Sworn Tea Trader, wife, Harriet, 54yrs, daughter, Elsie Fanny, 16yrs, plus 6 others.


Boarding at Eardley House, Marine Parade, Worthing, Sussex.

Miscellaneous Information

Added Information.


The most eminent tea merchants and sworn tea brokers of the City of London, sampled the teas, and certificates from each of them represented that the tea was of the correct standard.