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Name: Georgiana Jackson

Burial Number: 1590

Gender: Female

Distinction: Daughter of Rector

Born: 00/10/1846

Died: 24/8/1934

Buried: 27/08/1934


Georgiana Frances Jackson was born in Alveston, Warwickshire, she was baptised at Billesley, where her father, Francis George Jackson, was Rector, on 28th October 1846. Her mother was Maria Margaretta nee Fortescue, 36yrs. Georgiana had 3 sisters, Mary Cordelia b.1845, Henrietta Jane b.1849, and Katherine Maria b. 1850. Georgiana and her sisters spent much of their childhood at the Manor House, Alveston, home of their grandparents, Rev. Francis Fortescue Knottisford and his wife, Maria. They were a family of great wealth and the Manor House employed 10 house servants, including a butler, footman, and 4 nursemaids. In 1861 Georgiana’s father was Curate at Eardington, Shropshire, and the family lived there, the girls being taught by a governess.
The family moved again when Georgiana was in her twenties, living at North Lodge, Winkfield, Berkshire, a substantial house in Windsor Forest, where they remained for over 20 years, the sisters never married. Their father died in 1886 and Georgiana, her sisters, and widowed mother, continued to live at North Lodge until 1906 when their mother died, aged 96yrs. The girls lived the rest of their lives on private means as they had inherited over two million pounds, (2019 value) from their parents.
Georgiana, Henrietta and Katherine, then moved to Manor Road, Worthing, where they named their house, Alveston, after their birthplace. Georgiana outlived all her sisters, Henrietta died in 1915, Katherine in 1921, and Mary Cordelia in1929.
Georgiana died, aged 87yrs, on 24th August 1934, at Alveston, Manor Road. Probate was granted to the Westminster bank. Effects £24,948 9s 8d. Value 2019 – £1.7m
In her Will she left £200 each in trust for the augmentation of the livings of St. Botolph’s, Heene, and St. Andrew’s, Worthing.

Researcher: Maggi Martin

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

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None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves


None Found - Listed in Heene Cemetery Index of Graves

Further Information


Name: Georgiana Frances Jackson

Gender: Female

Born: 00/10/1846

Town: Alveston

County: Warwickshire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 24/8/1934

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Alveston

Address line 3: Manor Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £24948 9 s 8 d

Current value of effects: £1700000

Census Information


The Manor House, Alveston, Warwickshire. Francis F. Knottisford, 78yrs, Rector of Billesley, wife, Maria F., 75yrs, daughter, Maud Knottisford, 40yrs, 4 granddaughters, Mary 5, Georgiana 4, Henrietta 2, Katherine 5 months, 2 grandsons, George Fortescue 3, Vincent Fortescue 2, plus 10 domestic servants.


Weston Lodge, Albury, Surrey. John Taylor, 66yrs, Retired Captain Indian Army, wife, Harriet, 70yrs, 3 visitors, Maria Jackson, 51yrs, Mary Jackson, 15yrs, Georgiana Jackson, 14yrs, plus 5 domestic servants.


Morley House, Christchurch Road, Hampshire. Emma Mordaunt, 58yrs, 2 visitors, Mary Jackson, 25yrs, Georgiana Jackson, 24yrs, living on income from dividends.


Living at North Lodge, Winkfield, Berkshire. Francis Jackson, 67yrs, Clergyman, wife, Maria, 70yrs, Georgiana 34, Henrietta 32, Katherine 30, plus 4 domestic servants.


Living at North Lodge, Winkfield, Berkshire. Maria F. Jackson, widow, 81yrs, Georgiana 44, Henrietta 42, Katherine 40, each of independent means, plus 4 domestic servants.


Living at North Lodge, Winkfield, Berkshire. Maria F. Jackson, widow, 91yrs, Georgiana 54, Henrietta 51, Katherine 50, each of independent means, plus 4 domestic servants.


Living at Alveston, Manor Road, Worthing. Georgiana F. Jackson, 64, Henrietta J. Jackson, 62, Katherine M. Jackson, 60, each of independent means, visitor, Alice Stein, 35yrs, plus a Sick Nurse and 2 domestic servants.


Living at Alveston, Manor Road, Worthing. Georgiana F. Jackson, Hd. 74yrs, single, Home Duties, sisters, Katherine Maria, 70yrs, single, and Mary Cordelia, 75yrs, single, boarder, Agnes Clara Passmore, 56yrs, plus cook and parlourmaid.

Miscellaneous Information

Alveston Manor House - Georgiana's family home in her early years

The Manor House, Alveston, was held by the Church of Worcester from the 10th to 16th Centuries. The Manor came into the King’s hands at the Dissolution and in 1562 Queen Elizabeth 1 granted the Manor to two legal agents of the Inner Temple who sold it a few weeks later for £1007. It was owned by various aristocrats until the mid-1700s when it came into the Knottisford family. It was then inherited by Francis Fortescue (then a minor) 1773-1859 on condition that he added ‘Knottisford’ to his name. The Reverend Francis Fortescue Knottisford lived there until his death in 1859. (Knottisford was often spelt Knottesford). His great-grandson, the Reverend J.N. Knottisford-Fortescue (who reversed the 2 names) later sold the Manor House and today it is the Manor House Hotel, Alveston, near Stratford upon Avon. Under a massive cedar tree to the rear of the house, the first performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is reputed to have taken place.

Jackson north lodge 1843. Francis George Jackson, born 1814 (Hants) married Maria M. Fortescue born 1810 (Warwickshire).
1886. The Reverend George Francis Jackson died on 6th August at North Lodge, Windsor Forest. His will was proved by his nephew, George Fortescue, Esq. of the British Museum, effects – £19,569 16s 3d – value 2019 £2.3m.
North Lodge was a substantial house, described as a Carpenter’s cottage, belonging to a nearby ‘grace and favour’ Manor House. The village of Winkfield, was part of Windsor Forest, now the Windsor Estate. North lodge, much enlarged, is now in the area of St. Leonard’s Hill, Windsor.
1906. Maria Margaretta Jackson died aged 96 yrs, effects – £19,186 – value 2019 £2.3m.