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Name: Eugenie Labbey

Burial Number: 0772

Gender: Female

Occupation: Private means

Distinction: French origin

Born: 02/08/1847

Died: 07/02/1915

Buried: 09/02/1915

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Eugenie’s story is dramatic and so much is still missing from her details. She was born Eugenie Goeb de Longlee, the daughter of Napoleon de Longlee who was a doctor of medicine. It is known that by 1867, she was living in Chantilly, France with Jean Baptiste Vedrenne. On 13th July 1867, Eugenie gave birth to a boy who was called Eugene Jean Baptiste Gustave. Three years later in 1870, she gave birth to another son, Fernand Rene- Eugene on 16th November. According to the register, both children were described as “natural” which meant that the parents were not married but lived together. This was confirmed on a later marriage certificate where Eugenie was described as a spinster. It is thought that Jean Baptiste Vedrenne died c1871 and Eugenie moved to England with her eldest son.  Fernand stayed in France and in 1900, married Marie Josephe Pouliquen in Brest. On 12th November 1879, Eugenie married Paul Labbe, a shipbroker’s clerk, at the Catholic church of Notre Dame de France in Westminster. The couple gave their address as 1 Charlotte Street, St Pancras, London. Paul moved the family to Wales where he worked as a French correspondent for a shipbroker in Newport and also gave lessons in French language. Later newspapers report that the marriage was not a happy one and Paul had a difficult relationship with his stepson. He was a gambler and eventually was sacked from his job. Paul moved out of the family home after being declared bankrupt in 1894. In 1897, Paul Labbe was living with a nurse in Newport. The pair travelled to Paris and together in 1901, they committed suicide. (see newspaper report below). Eugenie changed her surname to Labbey, possibly to avoid any connection to the scandal. She moved to London where her son worked in the theatre business. He had become a British citizen, changing his name by deed poll to John Eugene Vedrenne and was known as “J E Vedrenne”. John was a very successful producer of West End shows and friends with many of the great stage stars of the day. He died in 1930.

By 1915, Eugenie was ill with pneumonia and heart problems. She died on 7th February at Caer Gwent Nursing Home, Wykeham Road, Worthing. No probate.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for Eugenie Labbey

Location in Cemetery

Area: SES Row: 9 Plot: 4

Exact Location (what3words): booth.cave.rivers

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of Eugenie Labbey born 2nd August 1847 died 7th February 1915 R.I,P.

Further Information


Name: Eugenie Labbey

Gender: Female

Born: 02/08/1847

Town: Unknown

County: Unknown

Country: France


Maiden Name:DeLonglee

Marriage Date: 12/11/1879

Spouse First Name: Paul

Spouse Last Name: Labbe

Town of Marriage: Westminster

County of Marriage: London

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 07/02/1915

Cause of death: Broncho Pneumonia and Heart Failure

Address line 1: Caer Gwent

Address line 3: Wykeham Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


12 Devon Place, Newport, Wales

Paul aged 29, French correspondent (Newport shipbrokers). Mathilde? aged 30. Eugene aged 12, stepson, clerk.


29 Glytha Square, Newport, Wales.

Paul aged 39, shipbroker’s agent. Eugenie aged 41. Eugene Vedrenne aged 24, stepson. Plus 2 servants.


46 Upper Bedford Place, Bloomsbury, Middx.

Eugenie aged 48, widow, boarder. Staying with Alice Harris, boarding house keeper.


38 Queensborough Terrace, Paddington, Middx.

Eugenie aged 61, widow, visitor. Staying with Selina Sophia Tilly, widow.

Miscellaneous Information

March 1901

A South Wales Tragedy. The Nurse and the Frenchman.

Three years ago, Florence Greener, a nurse for a short time at the Newport Infirmary mysteriously disappeared. Last week she was found dead in bed with M Paul Labbe at 15 Rue de St Sulpice, Paris, asphyxiated by the fumes of charcoal. M Paul Labbe had been engaged for some years at Newport as the confidential clerk of a local firm of shipbrokers. His relations with his wife and stepson, it is alleged, were unhappy and eventually he took apartments with the mother of Miss Greener, who, it is further alleged, became so infatuated with him that when he returned to Paris she immediately followed and had since lived with him as his wife. Labbe apparently had secured a good appointment, but his passion for gambling and his frequent absences from work led to his dismissal. At last after they had even sold their clothing, the hapless couple drew the grate into the middle of the room and filled it with charcoal, stopping the fireplace and all the chinks of the door and window with paper and cotton wool. On the table they laid fresh clothes to dress their corpses in. They set fire to the charcoal and went to bed. Their bodies were found three days later in an advanced state of decomposition. M Labbe wrote to his brother, the Mayor of a small commune in the Vendee requesting that although not married, he and his companion, found in death with their hands clasped, might be buried together, and this wish was respected. Poverty was the cause of their suicide.