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Name: Emma Gosset

Burial Number: 1226

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1836

Died: 20/02/1926

Buried: 24/02/1926


Emma Gosset came of a wealthy military family. She was the second of the 12 children of Arthur Gosset, a Major in the Royal Artillery, and his wife, Augusta, née Morgan. Arthur was the son of Matthew Gosset, Viscount of Jersey. In 1861 he was Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Kent.   Emma never needed an occupation and she never married. Her memorial is over the grave of Charles Bennett. A Clara Bennett was a lady’s maid in the Gosset household in the 1851 Census but no link to Charles Bennett was found. Emma died in 1926 aged 90 and left £30,001 9s 4d, equivalent to more than one and a quarter million pounds today. She lived at ‘Aucuba’, Bath Road, Worthing, and was buried at Heene on 24 February 1926

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NWS Row: 5 Plot: 8

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Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of Emma Gosset who died 20th Feb 1926

Further Information


Name: Emma Gosset

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1836

Town: Sheffield

County: Yorkshire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 20/02/1926

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Aucuba

Address line 3: Bath Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: £30001 9 s 4 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


High Street, Eltham, Kent

Arthur Gosset, head, 50, Captain retired Royal Artillery; Augusta Gosset, 40, wife; Augusta Gosset, 16, daughter; Emma Gosset, 14, daughter; Arthur W Gosset,13, son; Matthew W E Gosset, 11, son; Mary H Gosset, 9, daughter; Philip H Gosset, 5, son; Laura H Gosset, 4, daughter; Octavia G Emily, 2, daughter; Gertrude M Gosset, 11 months; Emma Hawker, 25, Governess; Isabel Boorman, 50, nurse; Emma Wilks, 28, under nurse; Clara Bennett,22, Lady’s Maid;

plus cook, housemaid, coachman and footman


High Street, Eltham

Arthur Gosset, 60, head, Major retired Royal Artillery, Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Kent, Farmer of 147 acres woodland employing a woodsman all the year and 4 to 16 men 6 months; Augusta Gosset, 50, wife; Augusta L Gosset, 26, daughter; Emma Gosset, 24, daughter; Mary H Gosset, 19, daughter; Philip H Gosset, 15, son, scholar; Laura H Gosset, 14, daughter, scholar; Octavia G E Gosset, 12; Gertrude M Gosset, 14, daughter, scholar; Grace A Gosset, 9, daughter; Adelaide L J Gosset, 7, daughter, scholar; Edward F Gosset, 3, son; Louisa Gosset, 58,  widow, visitor, Fund holder;

Plus cook, housemaid, school room maid, coachman, under nurse and footman


?       Street, Mortlake, Surrey

Arthur Gosset, 70, head, Major, retired Royal Artillery; Augusta Gosset, 60, wife; Augusta Gosset, 36, daughter; Emma Gosset, 34, daughter; Arthur W Gosset, 33, son, late Captain 2nd

Queen’s Regiment; Mary H Gosset, 29, daughter; Phlip H Gosset, 25, son; Laura H Gosset, 24, daughter; Octavia Gosset, 22, daughter; Gertrude Gosset, 21, daughter; Grace Gosset, 19, daughter; Adelaide Gosset, 17, daughter;

plus butler, page, cook, housemaid, 2 lady’s maids and kitchemaid


West Park, Mortlake, Surrey

Arthur Gosset, 80, head, Major Royal Artillery; Augusta Gosset,70, wife; Augusta Gosset, 46, daughter;   Emma Gosset, 44, daughter; Arthur W Gosset, 43, son; Philip H Gosset, 35, son; Laura H Gosset, 34, daughter; Octavia G E Gosset, 32, daughter; Grace A Gosset, 29, daughter; Gertrude M Gosset, 27, daughter;


plus cook, 2 lady’s maids, housemaid, kitchenmaid, coachman and butler


Courtfield Road, Kensington, London

Augusta Gosset, 80, head, widow, on own means; Augusta L Gosset, 56, daughter, on own means; Emma Gosset, 54, daughter, on own means; Arthur W Gosset, 51 (sic), son, Colonel in the Army – half pay; Mary H Gosset, 49, daughter, on own means; Philip H Gosset, 46, son, on own means; Laura H Gosset, 44, daughter, on own means; Octavia G E Gosset, 42, daughter, on own means; Grace A Gosset, 39, daughter, on own means;

plus cook, lady’s maid, parlourmaid and housemaid


58, Palace gardens, Kensington, Loncon

Emma Gosset, 64, living on own means; Adelaide Louisa Gosset, 46, sister, visitor, living on own means;

plus houseparlourmaid and cook


58, Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, London

Emma Gosset, 74, head, private means; Amy Louisa Pettitt, 44, Lady Companion, private means; Adelaide Louisa Julia Gosset, 58, sister;

plus cook and housemaid

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.