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Name: Elizabeth Stuchfield

Burial Number: 0266

Gender: Female

Occupation: dressmaker

Born: 00/12/1847

Died: 18/08/1896

Buried: 20/08/1896


Elizabeth was a dressmaker who worked in two large drapery establishments in two very different parts of the country. She was born in Finsthwaite, Lancashire, and baptised on 23 December 1847. At the time of her birth, her father was a house servant but by 1861 he had risen to the position of butler. Her mother was Ann, née Walker. In 1871, at the age of 23, Elizabeth was one of 10 dressmakers, all in their twenties, working in a Draper and House Furnishers business at 93, 95, and 97, Deansgate, Police Street, Manchester. The establishment was overseen by 2 Superintendents and also employed 28 salesmen, 9 saleswomen, a milliner, 3 bookkeepers and a cashier. In addition, a housekeeper had 11 servants under her. By 1881 Elizabeth was one of 16 dressmakers employed by Barbara Ellis, dressmaker, in her establishment at 29, Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, London. Elizabeth never married and her last known address was 16, Brooker Street, Hove the home of her aunt, Jennet Stuchfield, although Elizabeth’s death on 18 August 1896 was registered at East Preston.

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: NWS Row: 6 Plot: 7

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In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane Stuchfield who died at Worthing Aug 18th 1896 aged 49 years

Further Information


Name: Elizabeth Jane Stuchfield

Gender: Female

Born: 00/12/1847

Town: Unknown

County: Lancashire

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 18/08/1896

Cause of death: Unknown

Town: Unknown

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

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Census Information


Bisley Howe, Under Milbeck, North End
William Stuchfield, 36, head, house servant; Ann Stuchfield, 41, wife; Elizabeth Jane Stuchfield, 3, daughter, at home; William Stuchfield, 6 months, son
NB the surname is mis-transcribed as ‘Stuckfield’


Bisley Howe Cottages, North side,
William Stuchfield, 46, head, butler; Ann Stuchfield, 51, wife; Elizabeth Jane Stuchfield, 13, daughter, scholar; William Stuchfield, 10, son, scholar;
NB Surname still transcribed as ‘Stuckfield


93,95,97, Deansgate, Police Street, St. Anne, Manchester
Allan McAdams, 26, Superintendent to General Draper and House Furnisher; Henry C M Jones, 25, Superintendent to General Draper and House Furnisher; James Wishart, 31, draper’s salesman; Amos Peer, 29, draper’s salesman; James S Armstrong, 19, draper’s salesman; Abraham Byers, 27, draper’s salesman; James Thomas, 24, draper’s salesman; James Curiel, 29, draper’s salesman; John Party, 19, draper’s salesman; Fred Farmer, 16, draper’s salesman; Edward Jennings ,24, draper’s salesman; George D Young, 22, draper’s salesman; Robert Gall, 27, draper’s salesman; Wiiliam Lea, 21, draper’s salesman; W E J field, 26, draper’s salesman; Joseph Leam, 24, draper’s salesman; Linton Twedele, 16, draper’s salesman; David Dougall, 24, draper’s salesman; John Mottswell, 19, draper’s salesman; W. Pollitt, 26, draper’s salesman; H Dewdney, 32,draper’s salesman; Edward B Jackson, 27, draper’s salesman; James T Mitchell, 28, draper’s salesman; Francis Tennant, 28, draper’s salesman; William Maxfield, 18, draper’s salesman; William Coffey, 22, clerk bookkeeper; William J Douglas, 23. Clerk bookkeeper; Asam Little, 18, clerk bookkeeper; Charles Sellars, 16, draper’s salesman; Albert Pilling, 17, draper’s salesman; Thomas Parrott, 19, draper’s salesman; Charles Davies, 19, draper’s salesman; James Brown, 17, draper’s salesman; Frances Bishop, 22, saleswoman to draper; Hannah Mason, 22, saleswoman to draper; Ann Hewer, 24 saleswoman to draper; Miriam Istold, 22, saleswoman to draper; Clementine Gifford, 22, saleswoman to draper; Mary A Molloy, 25, saleswoman to draper; Adeline m E Connel, 20, saleswoman to draper; Elizabeth Heath, 15, milliner to draper; Maggie Cleague, 23, dressmaker to draper; Elizabeth Newton, 22, dressmaker to draper; Ester Thwaites, 20, dressmaker to draper; Emma Allen, 21, dressmaker to draper; Emma Woodward, 22, dressmaker to draper; Elizabeth Stuchfield, dressmaker to draper; Sarah Woodward, 18, dressmaker to draper; Amy Thomas, 25, dressmaker to draper; Isabella Calvert, 21, dressmaker to draper; Mary Decomar, 23, dressmaker to draper; Emma Herbert, 20, saleswoman to draper; Elizabeth Blunet, 22, saleswoman to draper; William Atkinson, 25, cashier to draper;
plus a housekeeper and 11 general servants


29, Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, London
Barbara Ellis, 63, head, dressmaker; Annie Waller, 63, cousin, widow of clergyman; George Duff, 61, cousin, physician surgeon Edin.; Elizabeth L Duff, 56, cousin, wife; Mary W Duff, 26, cousin; Marjory F Duff, 25, cousin; Helen E D Duff, 16, cousin; Mary Ann Bates, 29, employee, machinist; Pose L Walmsley, 19, employee, dressmaker; Annie Dykes, 22, employee, dressmaker; Caroline Giles, 19, employee, dressmaker; Katherine R Munro, 24, employee, dressmaker; Annie M Redford, 24, employee, dressmaker; Sarah Redford, 19, employee, dressmaker; Betsy Wilkinson, 24, employee, dressmaker; Elizabeth Rice, 20, employee, dressmaker; Letitia J Cothill, 21, employee, dressmaker; Fanny J Hopkins, 19, employee, dressmaker; Florence M Bliss, 19, employee, dressmaker; Maria Ayres, 21, employee dressmaker; Elizabeth J Stuchfield, employee, dressmaker; Annie M Bodley, 18, employee, dressmaker; Katherine M Perry, 28, employee, dressmaker; Fanny Thomas, 27, employee, nurse; William Darling, 22, formerly silversmith (porter); William K Murphy, 41, lodger, physician;
plus a cook and 2 housemaids


16, Brooker Street, Hove
Jennet Stuchfield, 68, head, living on own means; Henry Stuchfield, 31, son, grocer’s assistant; Louisa Stuchfield, 37, daughter-in-law; Elizabeth Stuchfield, 43, niece, living on own means; Charlotte Inglis, 51, lodger;
NB the surname is wrongly transcribed as ‘Stickfield’

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.