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Name: Eliza Woods

Burial Number: 0872

Gender: Female

Occupation: School Mistress; Vice Chairwoman Women's Suffrage Society

Distinction: Suffragist

Born: 17/12/1843

Died: 14/07/1917

Buried: 18/07/1917


Heene Hallmark

Eliza Woods 1843 – 1917



Eliza was born on 17 December 1843 and was living at Heene in 1851 with father Henry William Woods, an annuitant, mother Eliza, née Tahourdin, 2 sisters, a visitor and 2 servants.

The family was still in Heene in the 1871 Census but by 1881 Eliza Georgina was a school mistress and head of an establishment at 178, Earls Court Road, Kensington, with 2 other teachers, 8 schoolgirls aged between 14 and 17.

In 1891 she was head of a larger school at Lexham Gardens, Kensington. In 1911 Eliza was living at 4, Drayton Court, Drayton Gardens, South Kensington, with Helen Maud Dowding, who had been at the school in Lexham Gardens and was also mentioned in Eliza’s probate announcement.

Both women were ‘suffragists’ (that is, they supported the belief that the right to vote should be extended to more people, especially women). Eliza was ‘Vice Ch to Women’s Suffrage Society’ and Helen was ‘Hon Sec to Women’s Suffrage Society’ founded in the mid 19th century, distinct from the ‘suffragettes’ who followed Emmeline Pankhurst, the founder of the Suffragette Movement in 1903 and sought the right to vote for women through organised protest. A subtle difference.

Eliza died on 14 July 1917 at 9, Pembroke Square, Kensington.

Women over 31 who were owners of property or married to householders were given the vote in 1918, but it was not until1928, that the right to vote, was given to all women.

Researcher: Angela Levy

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: SWS Row: 4 Plot: 4

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In loving memory of Eliza Georgina Woods elder daughter of Henry W Woods of Heene died 14th July 1917 aged 73 "Here have we no continuing city but we seek one to come"

Further Information


Name: Eliza Georgiana Woods

Gender: Female

Born: 17/12/1843

Town: Marylebone

County: London

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 14/07/1917

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 2: 19

Address line 3: Pembroke Square

Town: Kensington

County: London

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £8182 15 s 5 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at Heene –

Henry William Woods, 45, head, annuitant; Eliza Woods, 44, wife; Lucy Ann Woods, 17, daughter; Eliza Georgianne (sic) Woods, 7, daughter, at home; Alice H Woods, 16 months, daughter; Jane Akert, 70, widow, visitor;  plus 2 servants


Living at St Michael’s College, South Bersted, Sussex – Eliza aged 17, pupil at college run by Caroline Elliot. Her cousins Margaret and Ada were also pupils


Living at The Lawn, Heene, Worthing –

Henry William Woods, 65, head, an annuitant; Eliza Woods, 65, wife; Eliza G Woods, 27, daughter, no separate income; Alice H Woods, 21, daughter, no separate income; Constance C Welshman, 15, visitor;

plus a cook and a housemaid


Living at 178 Earls Court Road, Kensington –

Eliza Georgina Woods, 37, head, school mistress; Adele Gabelda, 31, teacher?; Julia L Fordham, 23, teacher?; Ellen Minns,17 scholar;Constance E Powell, 17, scholar; Fanny L A Adery, 16, scholar; Selina Marriott, 16, scholar; Ethel Drabble, 15, scholar; Maria Jones, 15, scholar; Mary L Groundacre, 14 scholar; Lottie Drabble, 14, scholar;

plus 3 servants


Living at 63 Lexham Gardens, Kensington –

Eliza G Woods, 47, head, school mistress; Blanche E Paull, 29, teacher; Marie C Donnay, 29, French teacher; Ethel M Dowding, 25, living on own means; Mary Crichton, 23, schoolroom maid; Henrietta M Boud, 18, pupil; Elizabeth Little, 18, pupil; Gertrude M Paget, 17, pupil; Alice M Adshead, 17, pupil; Janet C Cochran, 17, pupil; Margaret W Edmund, 17, pupil ;Eva Latham, 17, pupil; Charlotte E Little, 17, pupil; Jessie R Rutherford, 17, pupil; Maud G Micklethwaite, 17, pupil; Ethel M Gibson, 15, pupil;

plus a cook, kitchenmaid, upper housemaid and under housemaid



not found


Living at 4 Drayton Court, Drayton Gardens, London SW –

Eliza G Woods, 67, head, Vice Ch to Womens Suffrage Society, CU Womens Franchise; Helen Maud Dowding, 44, Hon Sec to Womens Suffrage Society, CU Womens Franchise;

Miscellaneous Information

Eliza was a member of the Conservative and Unionist Women’s Franchise Association and the Women’s Suffrage Society, but she was not a Suffragette