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Name: Edwin Lephard

Burial Number: 0684

Gender: Male

Occupation: Dairy Owner; Threshing and Haulage Company; Farmer

Born: 07/10/1843

Died: 21/10/1912

Buried: 25/10/1912


Edwin was born to Edmund and Lucy Lephard on 7th October 1843 at Heene, Worthing. He lived with his parents at no. 47 Montague Street, his Father was a Farmer and mill owner.
Edwin started a dairy Company in 1866, called Highfield Farm Dairy Company in Tarring, supplying fresh milk morning and afternoon to customers.

On the 11th July 1878 Edwin married Elizabeth Carter Reed at St. John, Brixton, London, and they lived at Salisbury House, Lansdowne Road, Worthing . In 1879 their son Percy Edward Lephard was born.
In 1883 Edwin joined forces with George Paine to start a small threshing and haulage business, later known as Lephard and Paine (this was amalgamated into a private company of local firms Paine and Manwaring and Lephard and Paine in 1903). Also in 1883 their Daughter Dora Lephard was born.
In 1891 Edwin was staying at Church Farm, Heene, with his Father. There is no record of where his Wife and son are.
When Edwin’s Father died in 1896 he inherited all his Father’s real estate, continuing to work the farms that his Father owned. He also was the chairman of the West Tarring Parish Council, and served on the town council as one of the members of the Heene ward.
Edwin and Elizabeth lived for the rest of their lives at the Manor House, Church Road.
Edwin died on 21st October 1912, and left £45,789 8s, 8d, to William Sams Fruit Grower, Percy Edwin Lephard (Son) and William Edmund Wenban Smith

Researcher: Jackie Rooney

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 4 Plot: 29

Exact Location (what3words): mason.leaps.weds

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In loving memory of Edwin Lephard who passed peacefully away October 21st 1912 aged 69 years "at rest" Also of Elisabeth Carter wife of the above died October 9th 1925 aged 77 years.

Further Information


Name: Edwin Henry Humphrey Lephard

Gender: Male

Born: 07/10/1843

Town: Heene

County: Sussex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

Marriage Date: 11/7/1878

Spouse First Name: Elizabeth

Spouse Last Name: Carter

Town of Marriage: Brixton

County of Marriage: London

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 21/10/1912

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 1: Manor House

Address line 3: Church Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Worthing Gazette 23rd October 1912

Death of Mr Edwin Lephard – We learn with regret of the death of Mr Edwin Lephard, who has been an invalid for many years, and who passed away at half-past eleven on Monday morning. The funeral is to take place at Heene at twelve o’clock on Friday. the deceased gentleman was unable latterly, owing to the condition of his health, to take an active part in public affairs, but he was for a time the Chairman of the West Tarring Parish Council, and served on the Town Council, as one of the members of the Heene Ward, for a period of four years from 1898 to 1902.

Worthing Gazette 30th October 1912

The Late Mr Lephard, Funeral Ceremony. Interment at Heene Parochial Cemetery.

The funeral of the late Mr Edwin Lephard, who passed away at his residence, the Manor House, Heene, on the previous Monday, at the age of sixty-nine years, took place at Heene Cemetery on Friday at noon, the first portion of the funeral service being conducted at St. Botolph’s Church by the Rector (the Rev. J.P. Fallowes), assisted by the Rev. W.R. Mills (of Liphook), and the Rev. C. Lee (Rector of West Tarring).

Municipal Representatives in Attendance.

The principal mourners were Mrs Edwin Lephard (the widow), Mr P.E. Lephard (son), Miss Lephard (daughter), Mr W.E. Wenban Smith, Mr Fred Wenban Smith, Miss Lanagan, Mr F.H. Kemp-Potter, Mr D. Thirlwell, Councillor W. Sams, J.P., Dr J.S. Crook, Mr Robert W. Charles, Mr Robinson, and Mr Luff (Bailiff at East Harting Farm); but the widow and other lady mourners did not accompany the cortege after it left the Church. The household servants, the farm hands at West Tarring, and the employees at the Highfield Dairy, also joined iin the funeral procession; while those of the general public who attended to pay the last tribute of respect and esteem included the Mayor (Alderman E.C. Patching, J.P.) the Mayor-Designate (Alderman R. Piper), the Town Clerk (Mr W. Verrall), Aldermen G. Ewen Smith and W. Walter, Councillors C.C. Cook, H.T Duffield, J. Gravatt, C.Lacey, and C. Taylor, and Messrs E.W. Barlett, T. Bushby, A. Carter, S. Clark, H.H. Gardner, G.E. Harrison, Arthur Harrison, J. Harrison, P.J. Le Riches, A. Seymour, J.E. Saunders, E.H. Sims, A. Stubbs, H.E. Snewin, Jun, and F. Wallace Wink.

The coffin which was of polished oak, with brass mountings, bore a simple inscription, recording the name, the date of death, and the age.

Floral Tributes – There were a large number of floral tributes, sent, among others, by: His loving wife, Mabel, Percy, and grandchildren, Dora, Lily.; Frank, Annie, and niece Blance; Mr Robinson and the maids and the gardener at Ye Manor House; His old workmen; His East Harting employees; The employees at the Highfield Dairy; Mrs Boxall; Mr and Mrs Percy Cragg, Miss Conelly, and Mrs Cope; Mr George Cotching; Mr and Mrs Charles Haines, Mr and Mrs Hunt, and Mrs Philip Hubbert; Mr and Mrs Fred Kemp-Potter; Mr and Mrs Luff and family; Mrs Montague Mellersh and family, Mrs Mills; Miss Naylor and Maude; Mr and Mrs T.G. Parker; Mr and Mrs Cussy, and Russell; Councillor and Mrs Sams, Mr Saunders, Mr and Mrs Wenban Smith, Mr and Mrs Fred Wenban Smith; Mr Dennis Thirlwell and family and Miss Thirlwell; Mrs Whiteley;

Messrs Patching and Co. had charge of the funeral arrangements.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £45789 8 s 8 d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


47 Montague Street Worthing
Edmund (head) age 43, Jane (Wife) age 50, Edwin (Son) age 17, plus one servant


Heene Farm, Worthing
Edmund Lephard, (Head) age 53, Jane Lephard (Wife) age 61, Edwin Lephard (Son) age 28


Salisbury House, Heene Worthing
Edwin Lephard (Head) age 37, Elizabeth C Lephard (Wife) age 33, Percy Lephard (Son) age 2


Church Farm, Heene, Worthing
Edmund Lephard (head) age 73, Jane Lephard (Wife) age 81, Edwin Lephard (Son) age 48, Thomas Isted (stepson) age 49


Manor House, Church Road, Worthing
Edwin Lephard (head) age 57, Elizabeth Lephard (Wife) age 53, Percy Edward (Son) age 22, Dora (Daughter) age 18


Manor House, Church Road, Worthing
Edwin Lephard (head) age 66, Elizabeth Lephard (Wife) age 63, Dora Lephard (Daughter) age 28, Lilian Gausset Lamaden (niece) age 34, plus 2 servants

Miscellaneous Information

Paine Manwaring & Lephard Companies House-pdf ES Row 4 No 29

Worthing Gazette 22nd May 1935

Founded 210 years ago – The death of Mr Frank Manwaring, the Managing Director of the Broadwater firm of Paine Manwaring, and Lephard, Ltd., since its conversion into a private company in 1903, reminds me of the fact that the firm with which Mr Manwaring was so actively associated for the greater part of his life dates back over two centuries. It was in 1725 that the foundations of the business were laid by Mr William Paine in a smith’s old shop opposite Broadwater Church and it was subsequently carried on from father to son as a private firm for 175 years.

From Father to Son – The founder, Mr William Paine, was followed by his son another William Paine, who carried on the business from 1755 until 1800. He, in turn, was succeeded by his son, Mr Richard Paine, who controlled its destinies from 1800 to 1814, and his son, another William Paine, then carried it on until 1863. In that year he was succeeded by Mr Frank Manwaring’s uncle, the late George Paine, by whom he was subsequently taken into partnership.

Two Businesses Join Forces – In those days Mr George Paine was also identified with another business known as Lephard and Paine, which was originally established by the late Mr. Edwin Lephard, and which carried on a threshing and haulage business. It was the linking up of these two enterprises that inaugurated the business activities of the present firm of Pain, Manwaring and Lephard.

The Herald January 13th 1956

In a Tarring Garden 100 Years Ago – It is surprising how few Worthing residents know of Highfield, yet this manor or farm house has stood for many years in what is now one of the more central residential areas of Worthing, and once was the only building between the old Thomas a Becket Hotel and Heene Manor.

Modern buildings have left it hidden behind West Tarring School, Rectory Road and Broomfield Avenue, so that it is not seen from the main road. And Highfield has retained its own grounds and screen of trees. the curious have no doubt asked what was at the end of the drive or lane running between two modern houses on the east side of Rectory Road a few yards north of the entrance to West Tarring Secondary School.

A hundred years ago on a lawn in front of Highfield three women were watching archery, a fourth bent down to talk to two children, and two well dressed men on horseback paused to admire the scene.

All this was faithfully recorded in a watercolour by an artist named E Martin which hangs in Worthing Public Library.

Highfield was once one of the most important farms in the area. The dairy side was started by Mr Edwin Lephard, Worthing, area manager of Southdown Motor Services Ltd., and carried on by his son. The family last lived there in 1915.

Two Owners – Since then the house has had two owners. Lighting is still provided by gas which, when installed by Mr Ronald Lephard’s father, was the most modern system. Mr Ronald Lephard remembers when the grounds of the house were well kept, there was a tennis court, and the paddock stood where the secondary school is now.

History books make little mention of Highfield and there is no reference to it on a map  of the area dated 1720. But a building is shown on the site on a map of 1808 and there was a house there in 1838.