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Name: Daisy Sams

Burial Number: 1912

Gender: Female

Born: 5/6/1881

Died: 21/09/1962

Buried: 24/09/1962


Daisy was born on 5th June 1881 in Heene, Worthing, Sussex to William J and Betsy Sams.
Daisy’s Father William was a pioneer of intensive horticulture under glass, and one of the best known public men in Worthing. He became associated with George Beer, first as a manager then as a managing partner. They were involved in the biggest glasshouses ever built in this country for the cultivation of grapes and cucumbers for market. He established his own Manor-Road vineries at Heene a few years later. The enterprise grew into national importance with hundreds of imitators. His reputation as a grower under glass became national. Prior to the incorporation of the borough in 1890 he was one of the old West Worthing Commissioners, and when that body were merged into Worthing Town Council he continued to serve as one of the elected respresentatives for 30 years. He was a member of the old East Preston Board of Guardians for more than 40 years, acting as it’s Vice-Chairman. He was a member member of the West Sussex County Council from March 1910 until 1925, being made one of the County Aldermen in 1915. He was a JP and was a member of the Worthing Bench of Magistrates.

Daisy Dora lived her life as a spinster and remained in the family home at The Elms, Boundary Road Worthing. She attended the Steyne School in Worthing. She gained a certificate at the college of Preceptors examination and gained a 3rd class. The census records do not show her as working, so it can be assumed that her Father provided for her. When her Father died on 14th March 1937 he left Daisy and her sister Bessie £250 pounds for acknowledgement of their tender and loving care of him, and their work and helpfulness in household duties since their Mother’s death. He left personal effects to Daisy and Bessie, and he left a house to Daisy.

When Daisy Dora died she left an estate of £20848 (approx £367000.00 today) to Richard Stevenson Sams.


Researcher: Jackie Rooney

The Grave

Photograph of headstone for Daisy Sams

Location in Cemetery

Area: EB Row: 4 Plot: 52

Exact Location (what3words): strong.palm.nights

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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In ever loving remembrance of William Sams J.P. who passed to his rest on March 14th 1937 aged 89 years Also of his beloved elder daughter Daisy Dora Sams at rest Sept. 21st 1962 In loving memory of Betsy the beloved wife of William Sams J.P. Also of their beloved younger daughter Bessie Beeson Sams died Feb 24th 1944 Remembering also William John Sams their beloved eldest son who died June 26th 1944 "Sweet and happy memories encircle them"

Further Information


Name: Daisy Dora Sams

Gender: Female

Born: 5/6/1881

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 21/09/1962

Cause of death: Unknown

Address line 2: 19

Address line 3: Downview Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


No obituary has been entered.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: £20848 3 s 0 d

Current value of effects: £367000

Census Information


living at Stortford house Manor Road Worthing Sussex

William Sams (head) age 43, Betsy (Wife) age 41, William J (Son) age 14, Verley (Son) age 12, Edward (Son) age 10, Daisy (Daughter) age 9.


The Elms Boundary Road, Heene, Worthing, Sussex
William Sams (head) age 53, Betsy Sams (Wife) age 51, William J (Son) age 24, Dora Sams (Daughter) age 19, Bessie Sams (Daughter) age 18, plus 1 servant


The Elms Boundary Road, Worthing, Sussex
William Sams (Head) age 63, Betsy Sams (Wife) age 61, Joseph Beeson Sams (Son) age 23, Daisy Dora Sams (Daughter) age 29, Bessie Beeson Sams (Daughter) age 27, plus 1 servant


3 Rugby Road Worthing Sussex

Daisy is living on private means

Miscellaneous Information

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