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Name: Annie Agate

Burial Number: 0973

Gender: Female

Occupation:   Wife of Herbert Humphrey Agate

Born: 00/12/1870

Died: 24/12/1919

Buried: 29/12/1919

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Annie was born in Chard, the daughter of John and Sarah. Her father was a builder. By the time she was 20, Annie was living in London, lodging with her sister Rose and her husband Albert Thompson who was a stationer.
In 1892, Annie married Herbert Humphrey Agate at St Mary, Lewisham on 6 Mar. Herbert was a gent’s outfitter although by 1901, he was unemployed. The couple had four daughters.
After 1914, the family moved to Worthing, living at “Endsleigh” 30 Heene Road.
In 1919, Annie died in a nursing home in Chaucer Road on Christmas Eve after taking poison (see newspaper report on the inquest).
No probate.

Researcher: Carol Sullivan

The Grave

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Location in Cemetery

Area: SES Row: 10 Plot: 3

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Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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Further Information


Name: Annie Elizabeth Agate

Gender: Female

Born: 00/12/1870

Town: Chard

County: Somerset

Country: England

Occupation:Wife of Herbert Humphrey Agate


Maiden Name:Harbour

Marriage Date: 06/03/1892

Spouse First Name: Herbert

Spouse Second Name: Humphrey

Spouse Last Name: Agate

Town of Marriage: Lewisham

County of Marriage: Surrey

Country of Marriage: England

Information at Death

Date of Death: 24/12/1919

Cause of death: Hydrochloric Acid Poisoning (spirits of salts) Double Pneumonia.

Address line 1: Nursing Home

Address line 3: Chaucer Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


31 Dec 1919 Worthing Gazette – Distressing Occurrence – Sad End of a Heene Road Resident – During the Christmas holiday the Coroner for West Sussex, Mr F. W. Butler, was required to pay a professional visit to Worthing to investigate an extremely painful domestic occurrence. He held his Court on Saturday, at the Central Fire Station, in High Street, where, sitting without a Jury, he inquired into the death of Mrs Annie Elizabeth Agate, aged 40. Deceased was the wife of Mr Herbert Humphrey Agate, a gentleman’s outfitter, living in retirement at Endsleigh, 30, Heene Road, and her death occurred on Christmas Eve, at a nursing home in Chaucer Road, whither she was removed when it was discovered, a few days earlier, that she had taken poison. Anxious and Depressed – Only two witnesses were called, the first of them being the husband, who stated that his wife had not been in good health for nine months past, and had been under the care of Mr. Densham. At night she was restless, and occasionally would go downstairs. Getting up on Sunday night, she told him she wanted a towel, and in her absence to he dropped off to sleep, being afterwards aroused by his daughter, who told him someone was rapping at the front door. His daughter opened the door and let her mother in whilst he himself was dressing. Mrs Agate was taken to the bath room and rubbed down, and was given some hot brandy and water and put to bed. She was in a dazed condition, and did not give them any indication as to what had happened. Although she had been strange and worried about witness and the girls during the past nine months, and had said she thought that the witness was going to die and leave her alone in the house, she had never given any indication that she would take her life, and, in fact, she was the last woman in the world who he thought would do such a thing. After Mrs Agate was put to bed he was told by his daughter that she had discovered a bottle, and she was afraid her mother had taken something. The bottle, which was labelled “Poison” contained spirits of salts, which was always kept in the house for domestic purposes; and when he asked his wife if she had taken anything she simply nodded her head. Medical Evidence – Mr. Alec Densham, who last attended Mrs Agate in September, told the Coroner that he was anxious at that time about her mental condition, and was afraid of melancholia. She was depressed and had the physical symptoms of melancholia, though he did not notice any suicidal tendencies; and that was one of the points on which he came to the conclusion that she was not certifiable. When he was called in on Monday her condition agreed with the statement that she had taken spirits of salts, and he directed her removal to the nursing home, where he continued to attend her until her death on Wednesday evening. At the post-mortem examinations he found that the deceased had taken spirits of salts, and she also had double pneumonia being a sequel to the poisoning. The Coroner recorded a verdict in these terms, adding that the act of suicide was committed whilst she was temporarily insane.

Personal Effects

Money left to others: No value recorded

Value of effects in 2020: Not calculated

Census Information


Holyrood Street, Chard

John aged 44, builder employing 20 men and 8 boys. Sarah aged 38. John aged 12. Rosy aged 11. Samuel aged 10. Sarah Jane aged 7. William aged 5. Arthur aged 2. Annie aged 4 months. Plus 1 servant.


Holyrood Street, Chard

John aged 54, builder employing 20 men and 10 boys. Sarah aged 48. John aged 22, assistant. Sarah J aged 16, milliner. William aged 14. Arthur aged 11. Annie aged 10. Maude aged 7.


298 Brookley Road, Lewisham

Annie aged 20, lodging in the house of her brother-in-law, Albert Thompson, stationer. (Her sister Rose was his wife).


24 Kilmorie Road, Lewisham

Herbert aged 36, gents outfitter and clothier. (out of work, seeking both). Annie aged 30 (Living on friends, has been crossed out). Edith M aged 6. Mildred A aged 4. Marjorie K aged 2.


127 Catford Hill, London SE

Herbert aged 48, gents outfitter. Annie aged 40. Edith M aged 16, apprentice, stationery firm. Mildred aged 14. Marjorie aged 12. Ellen aged 7.

Miscellaneous Information

No miscellaneous information is available for this burial record.