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Name: Agnes Cowper

Burial Number: 0279

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1864

Died: 01/07/1897

Buried: 03/07/1897


Agnes Cecil Cowper was born in 1864 in Twickenham to Edward Alfred Cowper, Civil Engineer, 44yrs, and Juliana, 35yrs, nee Hanson. Agnes was the youngest of 9 children, Charles 15, Julia Edith 12, Grace Evelyn 10, Mary Emily 9, Percy 5, Ann Florence 4, Helen Nina 2, and Alice Maud 1. Her brother, Vernon, was born in 1872. In 1871 Agnes 7yrs, lived with her family at Leigham Avenue, Streatham, they employed a Cook, Housemaid and Nurse. When Agnes was 17yrs in 1871, the family lived at Hill Hurst, Amberley Road, Lewisham, her brother, Charles, 32yrs, was a Civil Engineer, her sisters, Annie, 21yrs, and Alice, 18yrs, were both Artists, Vernon was 9yrs. In 1891 Agnes, 27yrs, and Helen, 29yrs, both lived at the home of their wealthy parents, Rastricke, Pine Grove, Weybridge, Surrey, on private incomes, their brother, Vernon, 19yrs, was an Actor. They employed a Cook and Housemaid. In 1893, Agnes’s father, Edward Alfred, died aged 73yrs, his estate of £24329 15s 11d in 2020 would be worth £3.1m. Agnes and her mother moved to Worthing where they lived in Heene Road, naming their house, Rastricke, but in 1897, on 1st July, Agnes died aged 33yrs.

Researcher: Maggie Martin

The Grave

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Area: SWS Row: 7 Plot: 7

Exact Location (what3words): jabs.youth.gold

Ashes or Urn: Unknown



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Agnes Cecil Cowper called home July 1st 1897 aged 33 R.I.P. "Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler: the snare is broken and we are delivered"

Further Information


Name: Agnes Cecil Cowper

Gender: Female

Born: 00/00/1864

Town: Twickenham

County: London

Country: England


Maiden Name: Not applicable

No marriage information is available for this burial record.

Information at Death

Date of Death: 01/07/1897

Cause of death: Appendicitis operation; Meningitis; Coma;

Address line 1: Rastricke

Address line 3: Heene Road

Town: Worthing

County: Sussex

Country: England


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Personal Effects

Money left to others: £3757 s d

Current value of effects: Not calculated

Census Information


Living at Leigham Avenue, Streatham – Edward A. Cowper, 51yrs, Civil Engineer, wife, Juliana, 42yrs, 8 children, Julia E. 19, Grace E. 17, Mary E. 16, Percy 14, Ann F. 11, Helen N. 9, Alice M. 8, and Agnes C. 7, and employ a Cook, Housemaid and Nurse.


Living at Hill Hurst, Amberley Rd. Lewisham – Edward A. Cowper, 61yrs, Civil Engineer, 6 children, Charles E. 32, Civil Engineer, Annie F. 21, Artist, Helen N. 19, Alice M. 18, Artist, Agnes C. 17, and Vernon 9, and employ a Cook and Housemaid.


living at Rastricke, Pine Grove, Weybridge, Surrey – Agnes C. 27yrs and Helen N. 29yrs, both living on own means, Vernon, 19yrs, Actor, employing 2 domestic servants.

Miscellaneous Information

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