World Water Day

Friends of Heene Cemetery celebrates World Water Day, on 22nd March 2021.

World Water Day poster

Aids To Conservation

The Friends of Heene Cemetery was formed, by Councillor Diane Guest, the Heene Ward Councillor, in January 2015.

Their main project was to clear the brambles to encourge the old meadow land to return.

East Wall path leading to the Commonwealth War Grave for Private Johnson Albert Stacey

Diane recruited volunteers who worked alongside the Adur and Worthing Park Rangers to clear the forest of brambles.

We began to realise that we would need a water supply to provide water to the young saplings and indigenous plants.

They would not be able to survive the hot summer months without water.

Planting Egremont Russet Apple Trees April 2015

We found out there is an existing mains water supply that was disconnected in 1977.

As a small voluntary group, we do not have any regular money coming in to pay the standing charges.

Friends of Heene Cemetery celebrates World Water Day, on 22nd March 2021.

World Water Day 2015

The theme for World Water Day 2015 was “Water and Sustainable Development”. This encouraged us to think of a more environmentally friendly form of gathering water.

The neighbouring house on the west wall looked ideal, to request if water from their gutter downpipe, could be harvested, for use in the cemetery. The neighbour kindly agreed to the installation.

Adur & Worthing Parks department provided a water butt and the Park Rangers carried out the works in March 2015.

The connection was made to the most convenient gutter pipe at the front of the property,

The neighbour contacted us quickly, to say they had expected the connections to the gutters, to be from the roof, at the rear of the property.

At the next opportunity, the Park Rangers returned, and installed a link from the back downpipe as requested.

The water harvested from this one roof has proven to be of great value to the wildlife too. We have water bowls in various areas of the cemetery, which we keep topped up from these water butts.

What does water mean to you?

Can you link a water butt to your roof gutter? Save our precious drinking water for the health of our community, and harvest water for your plants and wildlife as best you can.

A small donation would help us continue to bring you the history of yesterday, and the findings of today!

Sue Standing – Chairperson for Friends of Heene Cemetery