World Tuberculosis Day

The World Health Organisation commemorates World Tuberculosis Day on March 24 to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB, and to step up efforts to end the global TB epidemic.

In the past, many people have died of this deadly disease.

On World Tuberculosis Day, FoHC Researchers Identify 60 Victims of TB

The National Lottery Heritage Fund generously funded the Friends of Heene Cemetery project “Collect, Preserve and Share the History of Heene Cemetery Burials

This has enabled Researchers to identify 60 young victims of Tuberculosis aged between 5 years and 45 years old.

World Tuberculosis Day has inspired Friends of Heene Cemetery to commemorate 60 Tuberculosis Victims interred in Heene Cemetery

World Tuberculosis Day, Heene Cemetery Commemorations

Below is Heene Cemetery’s Role of Honour for Tuberculosis Victims giving the decade and age at death.

Please click on a name below to read many of the stories that have already been researched.

Researching, and updating of burial records, continues weekly, by our dedicated team of volunteer researchers.

Listed below, are the deaths, due to various forms of Tuberculosis identified between 1873 and 1937 in Heene Cemetery.


Arthur Harding(11); Harriet Fleet(36); Martha Poland(30); Emily Charman(24); Catherine Hall(15)


George Collins(30); Alma Smith(24); William Burden(38); Frank Poland(14); Caroline Fibbens(26); Edward Poland(37); Walter Goddard(42); Marianne Hemingway(5); Windsor Smith(22); Ernest Haylor(37); Matilda Calvert(43)


Edward Riches(34); Mary Stillaway(16); Mercy Nichols(27); Alfred Boon(35); Ralph Nisbet(27); Alice Pell(18)


Annie Bone(21); Alice Adcock(24); Edward Crabb(41); Albert Sopp(43); William Honess(31); Winnie Bridger(19); Charles Jones(36); Ethel Docking(28); Mary Allfrey(28); Bertha Barnshaw(21); Gertrude Dodsworth(29)


Sophie Constable(32); Albert Milne(44); Ronald Ashdown(6); Kate Goodger(30); Daisy Liesching(29); Margery Borland(30); John Jervis(26); Lilian Miles(25); William Oliver(39); Thomas Trussler(42); Annie Finch(29); Flora Luff(29)


Robert Grieve(41); Violet Clarke(27); Charles May(23); Ethel Mills(25); Nessie Dolding(31); Arthur Dark(43); Reginald Jarvis(29); Louise Jarvis(30); Mabel Prowse(42); Norah Bourne(44); Hugh Jones(34); Alice Godden(14)


Marie Abbott(36); William Diaper(34)

How did they used to treat Tuberculosis disease?

These people, who were suffering with TB, would have been treated with fresh air, exercise, good nutrition and isolation.

Unfortunately, many patients succumbed to this disease, that scoured their lungs, and resulted in great weight loss.

Nowadays, this bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics.

Tuberculoisis disease can be prevented by a vaccine called Baccillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) being administered to babies, children and adults under the age of 35 years.

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Sue Standing – Chairperson for Friends of Heene Cemetery