Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials

This is our first Data Study of Heene Cemetery burials.

We have found out that there are nearly 2000 people buried in Heene Cemetery, which is only about an acre in size

The Friends of Heene Cemetery are actively researching, and piecing together their lives, to tell their story.

From the initial data gathered by chair person, Sue Standing and her team of research voluteers, it is now possible to present some summary statistics.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Resources

Researching the Burial Registers has given us the name, burial age and date of burial for each person.

Other useful archived documents have given the location of each burial too.

A very useful resource, we have found, is The Transcription of Monumental Inscriptions, by The Sussex Family History Group in 1983.

These detail useful information about each person and have been invaluable to us.

We have discovered that some records are missing the exact location and this has inspired volunteers to dedicate an area as a memorial garden to these people.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials by Gender

We have assigned a male or female ‘label’ to each burial, which is based on the given names of a burial record.

As we uncover a person’s census record or death certificate, we check and, if necessary, correct the gender assignation.

We have no information about how the individuals would have identified themselves according to modern gender classifications.

According to given names, death certificates and census records, we have found that 1166 women and girls were buried in the graveyard.

Wheras only 793 burials were identified as being men and boys.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials by Gender
Pye Chart of burials by Gender

The data is showing a big gender difference of 60% of the burials in Heene Cemetery being females, in comparison to only 40% being males.

Data Study by Date Over the Years

This chart shows a peak of 60 burials in 1926 dropping to below 20 burials a year after 1940.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials by Date Over the Years
Burials by Date Over the Years

Cannon John Crowfoot is one of the many burials in 1926. He died on 29th March 1926 aged 84.

Data Study by Month

Burials were at their highest rate in the months of January, February, March, April and May and at their lowest in July and August.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery burials by Month
Burials by Month

Edith Guile died 16th January 1874 of Acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis and was the third burial in Heene Cemetery.

Data Study by Day

Thursday, closely followed by Saturday and Wednesday were the busiest burial days and Sunday Burials were rare.

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials by weekday
Burials by Weekday

The inquest report for the death of Harriy Austin is very detailed. Therefore, there is a written warning, to explain his story could be potentially upsetting.

Harry Austin comitted suicide on Thursday 2nd October 1884 and was buried, in an unknown plot, on Sunday 5th October 1884.

Data Study by Age

Sadly, many babies buried in Heene Cemetery show that the first year of life was the most perilous.

Research has found that 82 babies died, with 40 being girls and 42 being boys.

Data Study of Burials in Heene Cemetery by Burial Age in Years
Burial Age in Years

Argentine Frewin, who was buried on the 3rd October 1939 is identified as the oldest person buried in Heene Cemetery. She was 104 years old.

Friends of Heene Cemetery are publishing their first Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials

Data Study of Heene Cemetery Burials by Age Groups

A relatively large proportion of young women, compared to young men, died between the ages of 16 and 35.

The majority of men died between 66 to 75, whereas, most women died a decade later

16 to 25 year old males were the healthiest group with only eleven burials.

Data Study of Heene Burials in Heene Cemetery by Age Group
Burials by Age Group

We will publish new data as it emerges.

Pat Brownbill – Volunteer Researcher and Data Analyst

A small donation would help us continue to bring you the history of yesterday, and the findings of today!

Sue Standing – Chairperson for Friends of Heene Cemetery