Friends of Heene Cemetery

Heene Cemetery is a closed cemetery
in Worthing, West Sussex.

Uncover the stories of those buried here

One of our key goals is to seek out and collate historic records relating to people buried at Heene Cemetery and publish them here.

Our research volunteers are constantly updating and adding new records as information becomes available.

Discover the wildlife that lives here

Although a small area of 0.4 hectares, Heene Cemetery has a surprising number of both native and invasive species.

We have documented the animal, plant and fungal life for you and will continue to update this information over time.

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We could not maintain Heene Cemetery without the contributions made by you.

Thank you very much for encouraging our conservation and heritage work in Heene Cemetery.

Your contribution will go towards much needed core funding to support and encourage the diversity of our wildlife.

A place for discovery, stories & conservation

Near to the centre of Worthing, the cemetery is an often-overlooked window into the past.

This website exists to help you discover the stories of those buried here and their families, from cradle to grave, and learn about the flora and fauna that now exists in this site of conservation interest.

Funded primarily by contributions and grants, Friends of Heene Cemetery carry out maintenance of grounds, identification and research of graves, preservation of artefacts and safeguarding wildlife that has made this hidden haven so historically special.

Featured stories

Friends of Heene Cemetery carry out conservation and heritage work on this WSCC site of conservation importance. Please join us on Saturdays and/or Tuesdays 2pm-4pm.

A haven for wildlife

Heene Cemetery is a haven for wildlife with an abundance of flora and fauna in a highly populated urban area. The revealing of many headstones has encouraged us to research the social history and demography of the families buried here.

The Cultural and Natural heritage of Heene Cemetery was identified in 1992 when Heene Cemetery was Designated a West Sussex Site of Conservation Importance because of its rare “old meadow land”. It lies within the Heene Conservation Area as classified by Adur and Worthing Councils.

The Friends of Heene Cemetery volunteers and supporters, after four years of extensive clearance of bramble and invasive species, has encouraged the old meadow land to flourish and spread.

Featured wildlife